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Ifeanyi A.C. Eze is an entrepreneur, author, and a Business Consultant. He is the CEO of Kings Uncommon Wisdom Ltd a Business Consulting Firm recognized for excellence and creative solutions to business. He has served as a business and leadership adviser to startups, business and leaders from different part of the country for more than 20 Years. 

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We Need More Stephanas in the Body of Christ!

Whenever I am reading the last chapter of Paul’s Epistles, I usually pay attention to the people he appreciates and celebrates for the roles they played in his ministry. While studying 1 Corinthians chapter 16 this morning, I came across this beautifully written verses: “I urge you, brethren—you know the household of Stephanas, that it

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Proper Planning Pays Off Handsomely! (Part 1)

Planning is outlining the necessary steps you will take to accomplish a given task. It is a list of every activity that you will have to engage in, from the beginning to the end, to accomplish a specific goal or objective. Planning is powerful. Planning prevents heartache. Planning prevents the planner from making costly mistakes.

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Dear Eagle, Stop Associating With Vultures!

I am a strong believer in quality friendship. I believe that no one can achieve his or her dream or aspirations alone; we need people. But, we must not associate with every John, Johnson and Janet! The company you keep will determine whether you will run faster or slower in life. The company you keep

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Tertius of Iconium Greet You! (Bible Study)

While studying Romans chapter 16 this morning, I came across this verse; “I, Tertius, who wrote this epistle, greet you in the Lord.” Romans 16:22. After reading that verse I stopped and wondered why he said, “who wrote this epistle..” I thought the book of Romans was written by Paul the great? Why is another

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Every Disappointment Is Not A Blessing!!

There are phrases and cliché we use in our clime that encourages mental laziness. Instead of analysing and ascertaining why things are not working, we will fetch cliché to pacify ourselves. You have an appointment with a customer in your shop by 7AM but you woke up late. Only to get to the market and

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“ Good day Sir, I must thank you for your wonderful book titled, Twelve Pillars Of Financial Success. The insight on the book has really transformed me, both financially and mentally. May the good Lord continue to increase your wisdom. ”

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