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Where Does All Your Money Go?

Do you know that about sixty five percent of sportsmen go broke after retirement? In fact, about seventy four percent of footballers go broke after retirement. That’s scary! Why should someone make millions of dollars and go broke aftwards? Why should someone work very hard and cannot comfortable raise N1 million? Why are people broke? …

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Separation Before Manifestation

One of the phenomena I have been studying for sometime now is how God separates people before He uses them. Almost all the people He used in the Bible were separated from their relations, friends, homes etc. For example, in chapter 11 of Genesis Abraham’s father died. In chapter 12, God appeared to him and …

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On Fire for God!

Whenever I am conducting training for ministers I usually fire them up with this topic during the last session. I have lengthy slides on this subject that will take at least two full-length articles to cover, but I believe this abridged version will inspire you. “You must understand that God does nothing on earth unless …

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Stop Following the Crowd!

Groupthink is a major force that hinder people from becoming all they were wired to be in life. In fact, a good number of people deposited the greatness in them at the cemetery because they chose to follow the crowd. Someone shared a story that triggered this discussion few days ago. He went to get …

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Poverty Is A Choice

All these who is after me and who said I will not prosper in Africa should be tinkered with. We all know that there are satanic powers, but there is a solution to it- the name of Jesus Christ. But the problem is, after binding the devil, what next? While we gather to know who …

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