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360 Degrees Business Management is a handbook for successful business management. Learn the secrets of managing a successful utilizing on the proven startegies from top businesses accross the world.


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Ifeanyi A.C. Eze is an entrepreneur, author, and a Business Consultant. He is the CEO of Kings Uncommon Wisdom Ltd a Business Consulting Firm recognized for excellence and creative solutions to business. He has served as a business and leadership adviser to startups, business and leaders from different part of the country for more than 20 Years. 

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Are you feeling unfulfilled and unsure about your Life? or do you want to take your life to the next level? Let me help you achieve the success you desire.  

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Want to grow your business? Stop hitting your head trying to figure it out! Let me coach you on the art of building a successful business. Get insights, strategies, training and tools you need to achieve uncommon results in your business


Business Thrives When it is Well Structured

If you’re a regular reader of my articles you will remember vividly that I have emphasized over and over again that systems and structures determine how great your organization will be both now and in the future. Your business may have unparalleled growth potential, but lack of proper structure will hamper it.  Systems determine how your business flows on

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Why You Must Consistently Introduce New Products and Services

There was a time Unilever’s Omo dominated the Nigerian detergent market effortlessly. It was so popular that their brand name replaced detergent. At that time, when you want buy detergent, the first brand you would remember was omo. Today, competition is choking life out of omo. There was a time, not so long ago, that

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You are Special

Most times we allow our predicaments and challenges to dim our stars and hamper our exploits. But the truth is that everyone of us were specially wired by God to generate outstanding results before we leave this planet. God did not create any failure. God did not create any beggar. God did not create you

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Kick Poverty Out of Your Family

No matter how we pretend about it, poverty will twarth your plans and delay your projects. Poverty can turn a potential champion into village champion. While you are reading this now, somebody just died somewhere in Africa because the family cannot raise money to take the person to the hospital. Sometime ago, the National Bureau

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“ Good day Sir, I must thank you for your wonderful book titled, Twelve Pillars Of Financial Success. The insight on the book has really transformed me, both financially and mentally. May the good Lord continue to increase your wisdom. ”

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