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About Ifeanyi

Ifeanyi A.C. Eze is an entrepreneur, author, and a Business Consultant. He is the CEO of Kings Uncommon Wisdom Ltd a Business Consulting Firm recognized for excellence and creative solutions to business. He has served as a business and leadership adviser to startups, business and leaders from different part of the country for more than 20 Years. 

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The Power of Personal Development

I made it clear in my book, Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits that until you grow, nothing will grow around you. If you are not growing, your profession will not grow. The depth of your capacity determines the height of your accomplishment. The height of your exploits will be predicated on the depth of your

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Alexander the Coppersmith Did Me Much Harm. (Bible Study).

Whenever I am reading the last chapter of Paul’s Epistles, I usually pay attention to the people he greets or rebukes. While studying 2 Timothy chapter 4 yesterday, I came across this verse: “Alexander the coppersmith did me much harm. May the Lord repay him according to his works. You also must beware of him,

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Luke the Beloved Physician Greet You! (Bible Study)

One of the challenges I discovered in the Body of Christ is the notion that soul winning is exclusively reserved for a selected few or for those who are officially ordained. That’s not true. In fact, many professionals come to church on Sundays to listen to fantastic sermon, take note and return home. They belive

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It Is Not Over Until You Win

It is possible that you believe that Covid19 and the lockdown will definitely affect your goals and plans for 2020. Well, if you agree that it is over, you will prove yourself right very soon. It is possible that someone that is reading this article right now is going through a rough season. It could

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Activating and Maximizing Your Superconscious Mind.

Have you ever had a flash of thought in your mind that suddenly become the solution to the problem you’re grappling with for a long time? Have you ever been in a quiet state, and suddenly, a thought flashes through your mind that you never expected or planned for? It suddenly flashed through your mind

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“ Good day Sir, I must thank you for your wonderful book titled, Twelve Pillars Of Financial Success. The insight on the book has really transformed me, both financially and mentally. May the good Lord continue to increase your wisdom. ”

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