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  • Good day sir. God has used your books to change my life. My God keeps taking you to the next level. K.C Williams. Aba, Abia State.
  • Sir, I want to thank you for changing my life through your book; Increasing Your Capacity For Exploits. The books have changed my focus to become the best in my field. May God bless your ministry. Mike, From Kano.
  • Sir, I have read three of your books and l am challenged to discover my passion and life assignment and to do something meaning with my life. l used to find it difficult to read before, but after reading the Higher Life In Christ, l have vowed to become an addicted reader. How can l get all your books? You have really touched my life, Sir. Thank you for the inspiration, I am now a different person. l move around with the book to testify to people what God has done in my life through it. God bless you! -Chukwuemeka from LAGOS
  • Hello, Sir. For less than a week now I have been reading your books. I just finished reading Increasing Your Capacity for Exploit, and I have started reading The Untapped Treasures. I can testify that these books have touched me so much that I find it difficult to drop the one am thru with. Thank you so much for the great work. Tina Aliu, Lagos State.
  • Helo sir! I read through your book " Twelve Pillars of Financial Success" and it has changed my mentality about finance. I want to request that I should be under your mentorship both spiritually and financially. I am Ekwoba Omaojo Samson, a corps member serving in Oke-Odan, Idiroko Express Road, Ogun State. Thank you, sir.
  • Good day, Sir. I came in contact with your great and motivating books in a friends house in Kano at Ibo road few weeks ago as l visited from Abuja. I was enraptured as I read "Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits." May God continue to increase His wisdom upon you. I called one of the bookshops that sell your books and purchased the complete series of your books. Please, I humbly request you to be my MENTOR. I have the burning desire to develop my passion in writing. I love reading and writing. Yours truly Michael Obijiaku - Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Good day sir, my name is Michael. An undergraduate student of UNIBADAN. I read your book titled" 15 LAWS OF MONEY" and I learned so many things from it. May God continue to give you more inspiration. I have a dream of becoming a motivational speaker and I want you to train me in your Academy. Thanks. Michael Ajakaiye. University of Ibadan, Oyo State.
  • Good day sir. I must confess that your books have been of great help to me. At a time, I almost lost my feet financially until you came to our church for a program about three or four years ago and I bought two of your books. I read and digested them, and the rest is a testimony. I need all your books and audio cd's. Thanks. Mrs. Jane. Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Good day, Sir. You are a gift to this generation. Your book titled: Twelve Pillars of Financial Success is a master piece. Thanks. Mr. Nwachukwu, Lagos - Nigeria.
  • Good day Sir, I must thank you for your wonderful book titled, Twelve Pillars Of Financial Success. The insight on the book has really transformed me, both financially and mentally. May the good Lord continue to increase your wisdom. Daniel from Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri Imo State
  • Good day sir. Your book titled, Increasing Your Capacity For Exploits has really transformed my life. The insight on it especially chapter three really helped me to discover myself. ‎God bless you, sir. Choice. From Abia State.
  • Good day sir. I just want to thank you immensely for your wonderful book (Increasing Your Capacity For Exploits). It really inspired me. Ujunwa - Enugu State
  • Greetings sir. I took an interest in your ministry and other services earlier this year when you ministered in our church at Ojo, Lagos. On going home in a bus after the program that day, I kept pondering over all you said and missed my bus stop. I bought two of your books; Fulfilling Your Destiny and Increasing Your Capacity for Exploit. The later has helped me to become more valuable. It helped to stretch my abilities; I'm amazed sometimes by my own results. Kindly take note of my name because soon you will hear great testimonies about me. Thank you Sir - Okiche Ifes, Lagos
  • Good day sir. Thank you so much for your book titled; The Untapped Treasures. The book has just been revitalizing what my mentor taught me and even more. May the Lord bless you. Yildum David Jonah. Youth Copper, Lagos.
  • Sir, I have wandered in ignorance, abuse of time, visionless life and the rest of them for so long. But God has delivered me through your books and CDs. I will forever remember what God has done in my life through you. Heaven will continue to reach you with fresh ideas so that you will continue to light up the continent of Africa and the world at large. Keep doing it! Chidi. Benin city, Edo State Nigeria.
  • Good day, Sir. I read one of your books titled "THE UNTAPPED TREASURES". You are incomparable. May God continue to protect you and your ministry- A Student.
  • I thank God for the wisdom He gave you. After reading your book, 'THE UNTAPPED TREASURES' I was touched and my way of thinking has changed. I want to get all your books- Ngozi from Onitsha.
  • Thank you sir..your book titled; The Untapped Treasures is mind blowing. I was challenged to continue and finish my abandoned write up. Thank u once again and God bless!- Oby Nwakuzor. Asaba Delta State.
  • Sir, I want to thank you for touching my life through your books. I delivered a teaching yesterday from the experience I gathered from your books and DVDs and people were amazed. Thanks for being my mentor- Chidi. Abuja Nigeria.
  • God bless you sir for inspiring me through your book; The Pursuit of Excellence. The wisdom in the book has really impacted my life. Thanks. Innocent from Ghana.
  • I just finished reading one of your books titled "The Untapped Treasures". Really this is what my soul needs for God's purpose to be accomplished in my life. See you at the top!!! Ezekiel Johnbosco
  • I just finished reading your book titled; Twelve Pillars of Financial Success. I will just describe it as PACKED WISDOM. It is explosive!!!. Well done. I rushed to the bank yesterday to open a nontouchable account for a long-term program. I have also resolved to start paying my tithe henceforth. Where can I get your books, I want to use them as gifts this Christmas. I really want to make it to the top!!- Florence. From Lagos
  • In your book titled THE UNTAPPED TREASURES, you revealed that we have potentials (talents) deposited in us by God which is more valuable than natural resources. This book is like a dynamite that will blow up the treasure chest that are lying dormant in us which will, in turn, make us wealthy. I recommend it to anyone who wants to excel in life! Prince Albert Obiora Ekete, Author: HE GIVES YOU LIFE. Enugu, Nigeria.
  • After reading one of your books titled INCREASING YOUR CAPACITY FOR EXPLOITS, I found out that it is not just a book but a seminar and conference material. In fact, I was transformed both physically, spiritually and materially. I will not forget your visit to Kinshasa which has given me the wings to soar. You are a genius and may God continue to strengthen you in your Kingdom assignments In Jesus Name, Amen. Chukwudi V. Okolo, Kinshasa, DRC
  • I just want to thank you for your wonderful book titled, The Untapped Treasures. Keep up the good work. Fr. Emmanuel. Lokoja, Kogi State.
  • Your book titled, The Untapped Treasures has really changed my life. I was so inspired after reading it that am ready to impact my generation. Thanks for changing my life. Chidi. Katsina State. Nigeria.
  • Your books have reconstructed my life since I started reading them last year. All your ideas in your books, The Pursuit of Excellence and Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits are wonderful. I thank God for your life. The insights in the books moved me to start doing something with my life and stopped blaming anybody for my predicaments. God bless you. Chijioke - Portharcourt, Nigeria.
  • Your book titled; The Pursuit of Excellent has transformed my life. Your insight on excellence is mind blowing. Keep it up and God bless you. - Pastor Boniface. RCCG Cross River State, Nigeria.
  • Good day sir. I really want to appreciate you for your wonderful book titled; Increasing Your Capacity For Exploits. You are God's gift to humanity and the world at large. This book is specially written for me and I want to get all your books. I will equally want you to be my mentor sir. Bibian, From, Kebbi State
  • Good day sir. I was reading one of your books titled; Higher Life In Christ while in the airplane and I must confess that the book is life changing! It's unlike any other Christian book because it's so practical. Your view about life in Christ is quite revealing, unlike some people that believe Christians should be poor. Thanks. Chimezie, Lekki Lagos
  • Good day Sir, I must thank you for your books,(Twelve pillars of Financial Success and The Untapped Treasures). I was tremendously blessed by the wisdom in the books. God will continue to increase your wisdom, sir. I am really Blessed. Thank You So Much. Ogonna, from Onitsha, Anambra State.
  • Each time I read your book sir, I give a second thought on where I am today, what I am doing and what I am created to do. But thank God for His mercy and grace because I know am going somewhere. Just reading Increasing Your Capacity For Exploits. Williams from Italy.
  • After reading your book titled Increasing Your Capacity For Exploits, I began to do things I thought I couldn't do before. The insight in the book has inspired me to do great things in life. Most times when am reading the book I will just stand up because the fire in it makes me uncomfortable. I can't fully express my gratitude in words but just to say thank you. Chidi. Benin City. Edo State.
  • Good day sir. The insight in your book titled Increasing Your Capacity For Exploits hit me like a bomb. I haven't dropped it since I began to read it. I am asking for a permission to use the letter to African Leaders you included in the book so that I can use it for our publications and to also use some excerpts from the book for lectures in our Sunday school. Thanks. Chinedu. From Lagos.
  • I read your books titled; Twelve Pillars Of Financial Success, The Untapped Treasures, The Pursuit Of Excellence and Fulfilling Your Destiny and my life was completely transformed. Because of the provocative insights I got from the books, I developed the habit of reading. Last year alone, I read 33 books! I really want to thank you for your good work. God bless you. Clement - Abuja Nigeria
  • I just finished reading your book, The Pursuit of Excellence, your effort is fantastic, wonderful and commendable. Remain blessed. - Anthony Obide from Onitsha Anambra State.
  • All your books and teachings are setting me ablaze for God. It's time to engulf the world in a blazing inferno with the tongue of flame you just ignited in me. I need more of this fuel emanating from his presence through you my mentor. I claim a double portion of your anointing in Jesus name, amen. Your ministry must soar, roar, and affect billions of lives born and yet to be born to God's glory, amen. Thank you, sir. OSITA HENRY OJOBO.- Area 3, Garki, Abuja.
  • I was moved by your teachings during our Economic Empowerment Programme in our community few days ago concerning investment and investing in real estate. God bless you. Ada Njoku. From Lagos
  • Man of God, I really enjoyed your teachings these three days at Ilorin Kwara State! The Lord is your strength.- Ihekuna Blessing.
  • To be frank, your teaching and books have really changed my mindset! I love you sir!-Michael Eddy. From Lagos
  • Good day Mr. Ifeanyi, I got one of your books, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success and it has so enriched me and am already making plans for my life. I am a graduate and am presently serving in Osun State. I have decided to start saving for my future.- Ezenwanebe Ginigeme.
  • Sir, since I read your books; Twelve Pillars of Financial Success and The Untapped Treasures, my life has never remained the same. God bless you!- Ikechukwu Ekechi. Onitsha Anambra State.
  • Good day sir, I just read two of your books; Fulfilling Your Destiny and The Untapped Treasures. They really motivated and inspired me. I am now sure that the God who helped you discover your destiny will equally do it for me. Regina From Igbo-Ukwu Anambra State.
  • Your book, The Untapped Treasures changed my life. The wisdom in it gave me the courage to ask myself about my assignment on earth. You are a gift to humanity. I will like to read all your books. God bless you. JohnPaul Ebuka. Dubai UAE.
  • I got your book titled, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success and it really blew my mind. It transformed my thinking and lifestyle and that's why I decided to get all your books. I will attend your forth coming seminar. Thanks and God bless. Gbenga Ogundairo- Dopemu Lagos.
  • I just finished reading your book titled, The Pursuit of Excellence which I borrowed from my pastor. I must confess that you did an excellent job. More power to your elbow- Nnaemeka Ikerionwu. Rivers State Nigeria.
  • Sir, writing cannot contain how I feel about your messages. The most touching one was the teaching's you gave to us when you came to Dubai. I pray that the good Lord who started this great work in you will give you the strength to succeed in Jesus Name. Amen- Daniel Okoye. Dubai UAE.
  • My life was transformed when I read your four books and watched you teach in our workshop! Thanks. Ngozi.
  • I found it difficult to read before, but after reading The Untapped Treasures, I have vowed to become an addicted reader. How can I get all your books? Tolu Olajide.
  • I want to commend you for the good work you did in my life through one of your books, Twelve pillars Of Financial Success! To be honest with you, before I got to page 70 of The Pursuit Of Excellence I started doing something with my life! I can now get up in the morning with joy because I have found the reason for living. Thank you very much for the inspiration. From Kano.
  • Sir before I read your book, Twelve pillars Of Financial Success my life had no meaning, but now I am a different person! I move around with the book to testify to people what God has used It to do in my life. God bless you! Stephen from Kano!
  • God bless you Ifeanyi! In fact after watching one of your teachings (Destiny Killers part 3) on your website I was blessed! You have touched my life in a special way and I want to thank God for your life! Uche from London
  • You are a man of destiny created to change lives. At first, when I started reading The Pursuit of Excellence I thought you are a social critic. But when I read further I discovered that you are teaching exactly the course am doing in the university right now. God bless you. From Lagos.
  • Praise God! Some two years back I came across your Book "The Untapped Treasures". After reading the destiny provoking book, I went into labor that has today made an author of a book out of me titled "The End-Time Virus". I feel the need to mail you the book design and invitation to its launching. I will be sending your copy across to you. God bless your ministry. Dominic Afuro. Nasarawa State.
  • Am reading your book, Twelve pillars of Financial Increase and I can’t help but laugh at myself. If I had read this book before, I wouldn’t have traveled to China. God bless you! From China.
  • Your books and teachings have opened my eyes, now I believe in myself more than before. As a business man, my thinking has changed and I can now read books which I couldn't do before. I now make use of my time well and even plan for my reading time. - Tochukwu Unogu.
  • You are my mentor! God bless you sir for your wonderful books that are making me great here in Indonesia!-James Olege. - Jakarta Indonesia.
  • Ebere .S.P.
    Sir, your book (The Principles of Financial Increase) has changed my life spiritually. It will interest you to know that God used this book to bring me back. I just got BORN AGAIN after reading page 193 to 194. To be honest, I have never been so happy as I am now. I want you to be my destiny helper.  
    Ebere .S.P.
    Osun state Nigeria.
  • Emmanuel
    After Reading your book, The Untapped Treasures, I realized that I have potentials that can help me and my generation! God bless you!
    From Zaria
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for enhancing the lives of many Nigerians through your thought provoking teachings. Lawrence. For giving my life a new meaning, the power of the highest God will preserve you. You are my mentor!  
    From Onitsha.
  • Anonymous
    Sir, You have really touched my life with your book, The Untapped Treasures. God bless you!
  • Anonymous
    SIR, I am tired of a mediocre life. I have read three of your books and I am challenged to discover my passion and life assignment and to do something meaningful with my life. Please be my mentor.  
    From Lagos.
  • Aloysius Umedi.
    I don't think I have read a book like The Untapped Treasures before. It triggers and pushes me to work fast towards maximizing the divine deposits and ideas in me. It is like discussing with you one on one and hearing you saying, Aloy, be fast and act quickly. God bless you.
    Aloysius Umedi.
  • Chioma
    I pick your book titled "The Untapped Treasures" and I found it quite interesting, challenging and a good one. Please, I will appreciate if you recommend the books that have changed your live. Remain blessed.  
    From Lagos

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