About Ifeanyi Eze

Ifeanyi A. C. Eze is the CEO of Thrive Consults. A business and management consulting and corporate training firm dedicated to offering effective and creative solutions to corporate organisations and individuals.

He is a renowned author, and an inspirational speaker with over 20 years experience teaching leadership, business, management and finance.

He is the convener of CEO Success Summit, Business and Career Conference, and Inspire Africa Project Conference. He holds Masters in theology and Certificate in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvard University.

He has written sixteen best selling and life transforming books, and has the privilege of speaking to thousands of people both locally and internationally.

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My Mission

To make success a lifestyle by helping every person discover their potential and use it to make lasting impact in their generation.

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My Vision

Raising a generation of highly inspired Africans who will be dedicated to the transformation of Africa from a third world continent to a first world continent.

My Favorite quotes:

Wisdom Nuggets for Champions who wishes to transform the world

” Permanent results are guaranteed when you settle for the familiar terrain all your life; Ordinariness is the harvest of low expectation “

Ifeanyi A.C. Eze

” The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. What are you doing today?”

Mike Murdock

” Until you mine the treasures in your mind, your generation will not mind you”

Ifeanyi A.C. Eze

What can I do for you?

I am dedicated to helping you succeed! 

What is success? Success is the attainment of a worthy goal. What goal are you looking to achieve in your life? whether it is a business financial, health or personal goal, until you learn and implement the principles of success, you will never achieve that success. 

Let me help and guide you to achieve the success you desire. 

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