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Enter in to the realm of unlimited possibilities!

Live a superior lifestyle and live a life of total dominion and power. Higher life in Christ is book written when the focus of the average Christian is on devil. Jesus has died to set us free and we are free indeed, but a lot of people are still living in the bondage of the past.

“My people perish because of lack of knowledge

It is your knowledge of the redemptive rights which Christ has given to you that will help you soar.

Humiliate the devil and his reign over the affairs of your life, by adopting the mentality of a true Christian and becoming a fire. That is why you must read this book.

You will Discover:

  • Who you are in Christ Jesus
  • Your Position as a Christian
  • The Superior Lifestyle
  • Your Assignment on Earth as God’s Ambassador
  • and many more

After reading this book, you will be turbo charged to become a Lion and you will be ignited with the light of truth which comes only through revelation. Get ready for a Whole new revelation through this book.

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