[AUDIO] Dealing with Poverty Mentality


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A Lot of people are poor today not because they lack opportunities, but because they have a poverty mindset that is keeping them from achieving success.

Your mind is your world. The quality of your thought will determine who you are. The quality of your thought will determine the quality of your life. Your mindset determines your destiny. You cannot have a negative self-image and become a pacesetter.

As long as you think like a failure, success will always be far from you.

This special Audio Program was a teaching delivered at the Inspire Africa Project conference. It will help you destroy limiting beliefs and conquer lack mentality.

What you will Learn:

  • Poverty Thinking
  • Limiting Beliefs you must get rid of
  • Dealing with Poverty mentality
  • How to Overcome poverty oriented thinking
  • How to think like a Billionaire
  • And Many more

Poverty is not the absence of cash, but the condition of your mind. You can never become wealthy as long as you think lack.

The first thing you need in life is not money, but rich mindset. Rich mindset will always lead to rich bank account. You will always become what you think about all day long. It’s time to start thinking like a Billionaire.

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