Marketing and Sales Strategy

Nothing happens in a company until someone sells something. The volume of sales will determine the company’s revenue and profit. The number of customers you have will determine how wealthy you’ll become.

If you truly want to grow your organization you must understand the power of marketing and sales.

For example, Facebook and Google are multibillion dollars corporations, but they are always looking for ways to increase the number of people that uses their various platforms.

Facebook is gradually overtaking Google because of its unique platform. It designed a superior marketing system that beats other platforms.

Each of Facebook’s 2 billion plus users has created his or her own page, with year’s worth of personal content.

If advertisers want to target an individual, Facebook uses data on behavior connected to identities. That’s it’s advantage over Google.

Your company must have unique marketing and sales strategy.

What is the best way to create practical marketing and sales strategy?

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