It Takes Pain To Arrive At The Top

Anyone who tells you that you can wake up one day and see yourself at the top without paying the required price is not telling you the whole truth. Telling people what God will do without telling them what they must do is the reason why China (a communist nation) is colonizing Africa economically.

There is a price for the prize. The floor is overcrowded while the top is virtually empty because many people are not ready to pay the required price. Nobody wakes up and finds himself at the top; you must be ready to cross big barriers that wants to keep you at the floor.

Before a beautiful butterfly can emerge, it has to go through an excruciating pain to come out of the cocoon. Before an ugly caterpillar can metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly, it must go through a painful process.

Caterpillar is ugly and it crawls. But the butterfly is beautiful and it flies too. So how can a crawling and ugly caterpillar metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly?



The wings of the butterfly are like fluid in its stomach, and to compound it’s problem, the hole it has to pass through in the abdomen of the caterpillar is always smaller than the butterfly.

Anytime it is coming out, it is usually very painful. Why? To fly as a butterfly, it need wings which are in its stomach. To make the wings come out, it has to pass through a tiny hole which will press hard on its stomach and force the fluid to stretch out and turn into wings!

Failure to do that, the butterfly will never fly when it comes out. In fact, while a teacher was teaching his pupils on this subject practically, a boy had pity on the butterfly and opened the hole for it. Unfortunately, the butterfly could not fly. It needs that painful experience to turn the fluid into wings. You can read further on this in my book; Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits.


There are golden wings in each and everyone of us, and to activate them, we must undergo pains and challenges.

We have the ability to soar, but we need challenges to strengthen our wings! It is difficult to become a heavyweight boxing champion without engaging in a heavyweight exercise.

Some of us are struggling because we spend all our time praying when we should be working. Yes, prayer is very important, but you must be busy while praying. The more you run away from challenges, the more you abandon your position at the top.

The harder you work, the stronger your wings become to withstand storm attacks in the sky. God will never do your work for you. In fact, Jesus was a professional furniture maker.

Wanting something for nothing is the reason why sports betting is on the increase. We want to become billionaires but we are not ready to pay the billionaires price. We want to keep doing what we have always done and hope that things will suddenly change without our input.

It is good to encourage people especially when they are going through trials, but we must let them know that there is no free lunch in life. If you avoid pain you can never gain access to gain.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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