Your Assignment On Earth May Not Be Spiritual

One of the reasons some people are struggling in full-time ministry is because they are not called to establish one. Probably, someone told them that the only way to serve God is to either serve in an existing ministry or start one.

Of course, God is still calling people into the full-time ministry, but all of us may not abandon everything we are doing and rush into full-time ministry. If all of us are full-time ministers who will teach in school, play football, sing, dance, operate on sick people in the hospital, help us keep our money in the bank, or even print the Bible?

I explained something important in my books, Higher Life In Christ and Wonders of Faith. Jesus said to us; “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15.

One of the Greek rendering of that verse is, “Go into all the SYSTEMS and preach the gospel to every creature.”

World (Kosmos) connotes systems. The world is governed by systems. Some of the systems are education, commerce, religion, politics, entertainment, media, etc.

Jesus wants us to go into each system and dominate it for the Kingdom. Unfortunately, everybody is running into one- religion. Can’t you see that the devil has practically taken over entertainment and media?

Everybody is sitting in the church instead of going back to God to find out the system they should occupy. The devil is busy placing his agents in each system, and we are busy binding demons.

If an agent of the devil occupies the political system, everybody, including Christians will feel the pain. We abandoned politics to the devil and his agents are using it to deal with us. You may wake up one day and discover that an agent of the devil has suspended vigil.

We should be Kingdom Ambassadors in the secular world. A medical doctor’s consulting table should be his pulpit. The lecture hall should be the teacher’s crusade ground. A building site should be the engineer’s revival ground. A training hall should be a consultant’s crusade ground.

I don’t mean you should abandon your job and start preaching at the office; your conduct alone should preach more than your words. Someone can monitor you for sometime and run to Jesus.

God can call someone to become a world renowned paediatric neurosurgeon like Ben Carson. God can call someone to become a world renowned architect. God can call someone to become His agent in the university as a lecturer to rescue young people from agents of darkness!

In my book, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success, I outlined some of the things the believers of old invented. Some of the courses we study in the university today were designed by Christians.

Lord Kelvin invented the Absolute Temperature Scale. Blaise Pascal invented the Barometer. Charles Babbage invented the Calculating Machine. Sir James Simpson gave us Chloroform (that later became anesthetics) and Gynaecology.

Michael Faraday who had only few years of formal education gave us Electric Generator and Electromagnetics. Sir Isaac Newton gave us Calclus, Dynamics, Law of Gravity, Law of Motion and many other.

What are we giving to our generation? You must understand that God created us to become solutions to the challenges of humanity. We are supernatural agents placed on the earth to transform it.

I have vowed to operate in three systems; religion, commerce and education. Go back to God and find yours. Stay with it. People may misunderstand you, but it doesn’t matter. Keep doing what God sent you here to do. One day, those who are misunderstanding you now will understand you.

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