How Wealthy You Will Be Has Nothing to Do with How Great Your Profession Is

I believe that the greatest mistake you’ll ever make in life is to look down on your profession. In fact, some people see their profession as a temporary means of survival. They say things like, “When I get a better job, I will put in my best effort.” “When my business grows, I will run it better.” 

The problem with this notion is that people tend to forget that how great tomorrow will be is predicted on the value your are adding through your profession right now. Some people got to the top by exceling in small positions. The value you are adding right now will determine your future accomplishments.

There is no unimportant or insignificant profession. There are cleaners that are more connected than people who earn bigger paycheck. The tremendous impact they make in their little job attracts commendation from their bosses which in turn, makes them popular. How great you will be in life is dependent on one major factor—how good you are in your profession.

This powerful story will unveil the import of this subject. This is the story of Anna, who is a housekeeper in a hotel but is outstanding in her job. Talking to her protégé, she said:

“I could come up with a million reasons to be discouraged, dissatisfied, and disengaged with my job. I could complain that I am just a housekeeper and that all I do each day is to clean the hotel rooms of people with lots of money. But one of the greatest freedoms each of us has as people is the freedom to choose how we view our roles in the world and the power we all have to make positive decisions in whatever conditions we happen to find ourselves.

Each of us can make the decision to love the work we do and perform it so well that people can’t take their eyes off us. Living in this way has given me so much energy and made me feel so good about myself.

A lot of people around here think I’ve been lucky. The management of this place treats me like a queen. The general manager has labeled me a ‘high potential’ and send me on more training courses than I can count.

The famous CEOs who stay here know me well and teach me a ton of their business ideas. The movie stars who stay here almost always request that I be the one to care for their rooms. And the tips I receive allow me to send some money home to my family every month.

So, I feel I have done really well. Especially if you knew the history I’ve come from. But I created my luck, even though I’ve faced some pretty big obstacles.”

Continuing, she said, “By always giving no less than my very best at every job I have had, I steadily improved my life. And now I’m here. At one of the finest hotels in the world. In one of the greatest cities on earth.

Maybe I’ve been lucky in some ways. But I also believe that lucky breaks are nothing more than unexpected reward for intelligent choices we’ve chosen to make. Success doesn’t just happen because someone’s star lined up. Success, both in business and personally, is something that’s consciously created. It is the guarantee result of a deliberate series of acts that anyone can perform.”

Why should someone work for an organization for ten years without making any progress in life? He feels that whatever he is doing in that company is for the benefit of the owners. He feels that he is laboring to make the company owners rich. He sees himself as a slave. The very day he starts seeing his job as an opportunity to make positive contribution to humanity, his attitude will change.

Anna is a hotel cleaner, but she is mentoring people that are more educated than her. She sees herself as a CEO. She doesn’t see herself as a cleaner. To her, she is a boss. That is why she doesn’t consider her salary while working. Her work speaks for her. Influential guests want her to serve them because she epitomizes excellence.

Although you are a nanny, but you can become multimillionaire. People may see you as a nanny, but because of the way you offer your services to your clients, wealthy and influential people in the society will be begging for your service. The value you are adding not the size of your business or job determines how successful you will become on the long run.

The major challenge we have in Africa is that people want something for nothing. People want to harvest the crop they did not plant. People want to become wealthy without paying the appropriate price. That is why many are duped in the name of prayer, prophecy and procurement of magical powers that will make them wealthy without their input.

Many people dream of having it all but aren’t willing to roll up their sleeves and put in the effort. They show up at a job and expect to be well paid without having to deliver the value that would justify them being well paid.

I strongly believer that calling successful people lucky is the easiest way to get out of having to get up off the couch and go do something valuable with our life. When we say that successful people are lucky, we exonerate ourselves from paying the required price that will engender success.

Anna said, “I get to come to work each day and positively influence the guests that I meet with my excellent attitude. My focus on winning performance on everything I do and my genuine desire to make their visit here the single best hotel visit they’ve ever had shapes our whole culture and definitely impacts on our bottom-line. And the dazzling way in which I bring innovation to every area of our department means that hoteliers from around the world have visited us to benchmark the way we play.”

Continuing, she said, “Every morning and every afternoon, I clean my rooms like I can imagine Picasso painted. I feel as if these rooms are like the rooms in my very own house. And the guests that visit us here at this hotel are, to me, like guests in my very own home. I see myself as an artist of sorts, and each day I’m fortunate enough to be able to express my highest creativity on a canvass that others call work.”

The only force that will secure your job is excellence. Nobody sacks his best staff. Nobody can abandon the best product in the market and purchase fake ones. Excellence is a culture. When you have the culture of excellence you stand out from the crowd. Your products, services, input in the organization you work for sets you apart. So, imbibe the culture of excellence.

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