Let me start by saying that sleep is very important. In fact, some people are sick today because they don’t sleep at night. Some people are not productive during the day because they don’t sleep enough at night.

Some medical practitioners opined that the main symptom of sleep loss include; yawning, moodiness, fatigue, irritability, depressed mood, difficulty learning new concepts, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate or a “fuzzy” head, lack of motivation, clumsiness, increased appetite etc.

Sleep is very important, but don’t turn sleep into a hobby. There are people that sleeps at any given opportunity. They sleep in church, meeting and important functions. They are with you this minute and next minute they are snoring. In fact, it seems as if sleep is their hobby.

I have said over and over that you should not practice what you will do in the grave. Dead people are not worried about achieving their dreams and goals because they are asleep. Those of us who are alive should not practice what we will do at the grave.

Whenever people complain about not having enough time to accomplish a goal, I usually challenge them by calculating their daily activities. Let’s assume that commuting to and fro work takes eleven hours daily. It means you still have thirteen hours left. Let’s assume that you sleep for six hours, you still have seven hours left. Let’s assume also that you spend two hours eating and doing house chores, you still have five hours left. The problem is because you do not have daily schedule, you end up sleeping or watching television.

Calculate You Age By Months, Days and Hours
If you are 80 years old, it means you have spent a total of 29,000 days, 960 months and 696,000 hours on earth. What did you achieve with it?

If you are 50 years old, you have spent a total of 18,250 days, 600 months, 438,000 hours on earth.

If you are 40 years old, you have spent the total of 14,600 days, 480 months, 350,400 hours on earth.

If you are 30 years old, you have spent a total of 10,950 days, 360 months and 262,800 hours on earth.

The question is, what did you do with these hours, days and months that God gave you for free? Sleeping, chatting and watching television I suppose.

If you are 30 years old and you sleep for 12 hours cumulatively, it means you have spent 15 years on your bed. If you are 50 years and you sleep for 12 hours cumulatively, it means you have spent 15 years on your bed. That is why you are still struggling in life.

Getting up early is one of the intelligent daily practices that great leaders and individuals preform with acute consistency. No wonder Benjamin Franklin said, “There will be plenty of time to sleep once you are dead.”

It is very easy to sleep too much. Many people wish they had more time, yet they waste the time they have. Getting up an hour earlier every day gives you seven extra hours every week. That’s thirty fresh hours in a month. Just imagine what you can accomplish with thirty extra hours every month.

That extra one hour is when you can exploit to build your plans, refine your dreams and develop your best projects. That’s the time you can leverage to reflect on your values, remove your inner barriers and get rid of stinking thinking. That’s the time you can use to learn and grow and get to the peak of your profession.

Extra one hour daily can be the magic number that will transform your life and engender unprecedented success. Vow from this very day to reduce the number of hours you spend on your bed. It takes discipline to stand out in life. Time is the most important capital in the world. If you loose money you can make it back, but if you loose time, it is gone forever.

Ten Painful Regrets

(1). You reach last day with the brilliant song that your life was meant to sing still silent.

(2). You reach your last day and realize that you did not leave a mark in your generation.

(3). You reach your last moment and discovered that you were created to make undeniable impact in engineering, but you chose to become a primary school teacher.

(4). You wake up one day and discovered that you are now 85 years old and you failed to save and invest wisely in your youthful days, and you must work at that age to survive.

(6). You reach your last day only to realize that you never inspired anyone else by the example you set.

(7). You reach your last day and it dawned on you that you placed more value on people’s opinion and ended up doing only what pleases them.

(8). You are lying on your death bed and discovered that you are going to the grave with the treasures God deposited in you at creation.

(9). You reach your last moment and found out that you allowed laziness and procrastination to hinder your progress and frustrate your success.

(10). You reach your last moment and discovered that half of your time on earth was stolen by oversleeping, eating, watching the television and chatting.

When your last moment comes, will you be regretting or celebrating? When you meet God in heaven, will you show Him the impact you made on earth or the number of hours you slept in a day?

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