Your Business Needs Careful Analysis and Data to Thrive

It was reported that Huawei spent about $22 billion on research and development (R&D) in 2020.

Apple Inc. spent $18.75 billion on R&D in 2020. Equivalent to 7% of its net sales.

The South Korean Conglomerate Samsung is the largest non-U.S. spender on R&D. Samsung spent ₩21,229.2 billion (equivalent $18.75 billion) in 2020, which constituted 9% of its sales.

Research and development is the set of innovative activities companies and governments deploy to develop new services or products and improving existing ones.

Dear business owner, when last did you engage in an in-depth analysis of your business and industry?

Who is the present market leader in your industry? Why are you not the market leader? Do you know your target market? How are you going to reach them? What survival strategy do you have presently? What do you think will happen in your industry in five or ten years time? Etc.

The companies that spend billions of dollars on research and development are not mad. They know what they are doing. They know that the survival of their company is predicated on raw data not good wishes and arbitrary projections.

What engenders growth and expansion in business is not necessarily the daily activities in your company, but the intangible thread that holds it together. One of those threads is intelligent analysis.

We want to help you in this regard.

We can help you to analyse your products and services, industry, ascertain why your company is not the market leader, show you what to do to have an edge over your competitors, collect raw data to predict the future of your industry etc.

Chat with me wherever you read this post, or simply send an email via [email protected] or [email protected] or call 07032681154.

We are passionate about growth.

Don’t miss this great opportunity.

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