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If you say to me right now, “Mr. Ifeanyi A. C. Eze, what is the secret of China’s rise to global dominance?” I will say, the pursuit of relevant knowledge

The secret of the unprecedented success of Chinese business owners is their hunger for knowledge. They have the passion to understudy global corporations and replicate what they are doing in China.

No wonder major American corporations have a Chinese version. America has Google, China has Baidu. America has Facebook, China has Renren. America has YouTube, China has Youku Tudou which serves over 500 million people.

America had Amazon, China has Alibaba. America has Wall Mart, China has Wumart and Sun Art. America has WhatsApp, China has WeChat. There are a lot more of American large corporations that got to China and discovered that a group of people have replicated virtually everything about them, but are still different so that they won’t get sued.

That is how a poor and struggling nation (China) became a global giant that is now directly competing with the United States of America because they have deep hunger for knowledge.

I shared the story of how Alibaba chased away Ebay-Eachnet from China at the last CEO Success Summit. I will share more at this year’s CEO Success Summit.

Relevant knowledge is the life wire of the 21st century business. You cannot apply the knowledge you don’t know. Your business is not growing because you don’t know how to grow it. Business is bigger than “Oga come and buy.” You need deeper insight.

Mr. Joseph Agada and I will be teaching you these deeper insight on the 2nd February, 2019, at Oriental hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The topics are Business Expansion Strategies and Becoming A World Class CEO.

Admission is N50,000. Pay into King’s Uncommon Wisdom Limited. 0141855113. GTBank.

For more information, kindly call Godwin on 07032681154.

See you at the top!

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