Are You Trying To Commit Suicide?

Many years ago, I thought that young people do no die. We hardly hear that a young person died when we were growing up in the village. In fact, at a point, we thought that women don’t die because most of the funerals were that of elderly men. So why are people dying at 20, 25, 34, 43 years old?

The answer is simple, negative lifestyle Some people literally abuse themselves. People eat all manner of junks and drink all manner of chemicals. How can a young man sit in one place and consume twelve bottles of beer? And he repeats the same thing almost on daily basis.

Sometimes I feel we are abusing our health deliberately. Almost everybody is now a medical doctor. Every corner you turn, somebody is asking you to buy a concoction in well designed bottle called herbal medicine, and people are buying them in packs. Meanwhile, nobody knows what is in the bottle.

Seven Health Habits You Must Develop

A study covering many thousands of people for more than twenty years, concluded that there were some key health habits that contributed the most to long life:

1. Eat Regularly
Of course, you should engage in periodic or regular fasting, but don’t just starve yourself all the time. Learn the right way to break your fast. Don’t eat solid food or take acidic fruits.

To live a healthy life you must eat healthy meals. Make sure your last meal for the day is taken three hours before you sleep. Food is like fuel to the body. I used to say humorously that eating heavy meal late at night contributes to bead dreams.

2. Eat Lightly.
Overeating makes you tired and sluggish, whereas easting lightly makes you feel healthy and alert. So stop consuming bowls of pounded yam. You’re not competing with anybody. Don’t eat yourself to the grave.

3. Avoid In-between Meals If You Can.
When you eat, your body has to break down and digest the foods in your stomach so that they can move into your small intestine. This requires four to five hours.

If you put food in on top of food that you have already eaten, the digestive process must start over again, with part of your food at one stage of digestion, and another part of your food at another stage. This leads to stomach challenges, heart burns, drowsiness and constipation.

4. Exercise Daily.
The ideal is to exercise for about thirty to sixty minutes daily. You can achieve this by running, swimming, walking, or using exercise equipment. Don’t joke with your health. A little exercise daily can be the secret to your good health.

5. Avoid Smoking.
Whenever I see someone smoking, I usually tell him that what he is doing is like putting his head on a burnfire.

Smoking is associated with thirty different sicknesses including lung cancer, esophageal cancer,  throat cancer, stomach cancer, heart disease, and a variety of other sicknesses.

6. Wear Seatbelt.
Some people wear seatbelt just to avoid been harassed by Federal Road Safety Corp or police, but the reality is that seatbelt save lives.

The common cause of death in many nations is the habit of driving without wearing the seatbelt. Don’t kill yourself before your time.

7. Diving Healing Must Go Together With Healthy Lifestyle.
I have always insisted that we should organize healing services and health seminars together.

To be honest with you, many christians, especially in Africa are careless. Do you know that there are people that will read this article and call it nonsense? Why? Because they believe that they can live anyhow they like and God will never allow them to fall sick. That’s complete madness.

Even God instituted diatary laws for the people of Israel. You cannot abuse your health and hope that God will not allow you to fall sick. No wonder those who received divine healing today fall sick tomorrow.

God will not exercise for you. He will not balance your diet for you. It is your duty.

Kenneth Copeland is over 80 years old, yet he said that he runs faster than some young people. What’s the secret? He said that he stopped taking sugar in his 40s! He exercises regularly and of course, you know he is a man of faith too.

Dear friend, the choice is yours. Either you take full responsibility for your health and ask God to preserve you, or you live carelessly and die before your time.

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