The Main Weakness of Mankid

“One of the main weakness of mankind is the average person familiarity with the word “impossible”. The average person knows all the rules that will not work and all the things that cannot be done” ~ Napoleon Hill

I agree 100% with the quote above.

I remember when I set out to become a full time business consultant and trainer. I had a thriving trading business with 2 outlets. I closed the outlets and sold the spaces and nobody could understand why i did that.

Everybody were wondering why I would close two good business and pursue a passion in a business that literally sells nothing. You know consulting is completely different from the normal type of business anybody would venture into. However I am glad I made that decision.

I remember back then, there were lots of family meetings, lots of people trying to talk me out of it, some said to me it was a foolish thing to do and they said that I’m making a grave mistake which I would regret.

However, here I am today! I cant help but be glad that I made that “grave mistake” according to them.

So, when I came across this quote in my diary where I wrote it down, I decided to do a write up for those champions out there who are at the crossroads in their life.

I discover that 80% of the time, if you bring any new idea to the table, a thousand and one persons will tell you why your idea will fail. If you decide to quit your job to start your own business, they will tell you how many people who did that and fail.

They will show you all the rules that will not work and even tell you why they will not work. In the end, they will end up talking you out of your dreams and goals.

If you have a burning passion, a burning desire that you are trying to express. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. I have seen a lot of champions who are trying to release to the world the creative solutions in their womb; but because of the opinions of people, they are stuck.

I know what it feels like when everyone is saying to you that it is impossible, when people are telling you that it cannot work out; when they say that you can’t make it or it cannot be done.

Listen friend, I know that their voice is a temptation to stop you from chasing your dreams, however, you must not give in.

No successful person ever allowed the opinions of others become the standard of their life. ~ Godwin Chibuike

It is very important for you to understand that you can be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, go wherever you want to go and achieve whatever you want in this life. As long as you set your mind on it.

In fact, the only limitation you have is the one you have decided. Irrespective of the situation, circumstances or challenges in your life right now, you can make your dreams come true.

A lot of people have allowed themselves to be limited by the opinion of others. Don’t let that be you. Others opinion of you should not put you off from chasing your dreams, because the last time i checked, opinions are not fact, take them or let them go.

“Opinions are not fact, take them, or let them go. The choice is yours. because every opinion becomes what you make of it ~ Godwin Chibuike

My Challenge to you is:

“If they say it is impossible, show them it’s not!”

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