3 Key Benefits of Discovering your Purpose

The Greatest tragedy that can happen to any man is not losing your life or losing some huge amount of money or failing in your business, or going through divorce etc.

While all this can be tragic, there is nothing more tragic than a man who dies without fulfilling his true potentials.

William Barclay was right when he said that:

There are “Two Most Important Days in Your Life: The Day You Were Born and the Day You Discover Why”

Your inability to discover and maximize your purpose is the greatest tragedy in human history. Purpose is the reason why God created you. God never created you without a purpose. He didn’t create you to exist for existing sake and left you to occupy space for eighty to ninety years on earth then die.


There is a specific assignment God created you to fulfill. Your Primary assignment then is to discover and fulfill your purpose. The reason many people are stranded and unhappy today, is simply because they have not found their purpose. They are living their life based on other people’s opinion and guesswork. Little wonder why they are frustrated and unhappy with literally everything.

How can you be happy when you are functioning outside your calling? Do you expect to a knife to do the job of a soon effectively and efficiently and not end up frustrated? How about a toothbrush trying to function as a comb? It just won’t work! The Toothbrush will end up frustrated and angry.

Anytime your eyes decides to do the work of your ears, frustration will set in. Anytime you’re operating where God did not position you to function, struggles and pain will become a lifestyle. There are many sent to transform the world, but they failed to do that because they were ignorant of who they are and why they are here.

Set out today to discover your purpose. There are three things discovering your purpose would do for you, here they are:

3 Things Discovering your Purpose would do for you

  • It Gives your Life a Meaning

The moment you discover your purpose, you will no longer work for paycheck, or stick around that unhappy job. You will no longer chase money or allow money to be the center point of your life; instead, you will be able to focus your energy and do what you need to do and also know why you are doing it.

Discovering your purpose will help you to see the meaning and reason behind your action. You will no longer engage in time wasting activities or do things because others are doing them. Instead you see the meaning in your life and be able to accomplish your goals faster. This will lead to a more successful and fulfilled life.

  • You will Know your Worth

When the real value of something is not known abuse will become a way of life. If you buy Rolex watch that worth’s around $1 million and give it to a toddler, by the time he is tired of playing with it, you won’t recognize it any longer.

Many people devalue themselves today because they don’t know who they are or why they are alive. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Many people who spend time wasting away at the bar and in brothels are like that because they don’t know they were created to dominate and become the presidents and leaders of their nation or CEO in a Fortune 500 company.

  • Purpose Cures Laziness

Anytime people complain about laziness, I usually tell them that they are functioning in a wrong assignment.

When you discover your placement in life, you will never look at time. The arrival of purpose is the departure of laziness. The moment you discover where you are supernaturally wired to operate, laziness will check out of your life and destiny forever!

If you hate Mondays and celebrate Fridays, it simply shows that you are functioning in a wrong assignment. A fish cannot be tired of water, but the moment you send it to a flying school, laziness will become a lifestyle.

This world will become a better place if the potential giants God sent to transform it can discover who they are early enough and begin to function there.

Your background, village, or how ugly or beautiful you are does not define your real worth, it is your innate qualities that matters! Have you ever wondered why some first class graduates ended up as last class in life?

Because they judged themselves based on their academic qualifications and stopped aspiring for greater things in life, and they ended up as employees to illiterate millionaires!

Orison Swett Marden said that:

Some people are born mud and remain mud…. Sadly, some are born marble and die mud; some are born mud, dream of marble, but remain mud. But many persons of high character have been born mud and died marble.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

Now is the time for mud to become marbles. You have the potentials to do it. God created you to become marbles, don’t die as a mud.

Stand up and unleash your potential to the World. Would you Like to Discover your Purpose? You can read The Untapped Treasures, and Twelve Pillars of Financial Success.

See you at the top!

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