Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner World

I have always maintained that outside God, the next force that determines your rating in your generation is your mind. You win or loose the battles of life based on what goes on in your mind daily.

Once your mind changes your life will change. You are what you tell yourself daily. You are what goes on in your mind daily. You cannot attain in real life what you cannot attain in your mind. Belief is powerful. Your mind sets in motion the happenstances around you. If you are stranded in life, it is possible that you are stranded in your thought.

Success starts from the mind. Poverty also starts from the mind. People that have lived in poverty the rest of their lives tend to allow their condition to dictate their worldview. You can’t help a man who believes that poverty is his birthright. I have seen people who believe that some people are meant to be rich while others are destined to be poor.

What you hear consistently will mold your thought pattern. Check people that are always on the lookout for satanic attacks, someone fed them with stories of how dangerous the devil is and failed to show them that by virtue of redemption, the devil and his kingdom are inferior to the power that is at work in us.

The Major Source of Satanic Attack

Real satanic attack is the dream of the night. The easiest way the devil attacks people is by painting pictures in their minds while they’re sleeping. If you see yourself in a terrible accident while sleeping, the problem is not the dream, but the picture of death the devil succeeded in planting into your mind. Haven’t you seen people who said that their dreams usually come to pass whether good or evil? It is the fear that comes from meditating on the dream that kills people.

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Whatever you think about all the time will become your own self-fulfilling prophecy! So, if you can cancel the dream, and delete the pictures in your mind through consistent confession of God’s Word, you will overcome it. That’s why Saint Paul talked about casting down imaginations. (2 Corinthians 10:3-6).

Your Two Employees

“Your mind is a “thought factory.” It’s a busy factory, producing countless thoughts in one day. Production in your thought factory is under the charge of two foremen, one of whom we will call Mr. Triumph, and the other Mr. Defeat.

Mr. Triumph is in charge of manufacturing positive thoughts. He specializes in producing reasons why you can, why you’re qualified, why you will. The other foreman, Mr. Defeat, produces negative, depreciating thoughts. He is an expert in developing reasons why you can’t, why you’re weak, why you’re inadequate. His speciality is the “why-you-will-fail” chain of thoughts.

Both Mr. Triumph and Mr. Defeat are intensely obedient. They snap to attention immediately. All you need do to signal either foreman is to give the slightest mental beck and call. If the signal is positive, Mr. Triumph will step forward and go to work. Likewise, a negative signal brings Mr. Defeat forward.

To see these two foremen work for you, try this example. Tell yourself, “Today is a lousy day.” This signals Mr. Defeat into action, and he manufactures some fact to prove you are right. He suggests to you that it’s too hot or it’s too cold, business will be bad today, sales will drop, other people will be on edge, you must get sick, your wife will be in a fussy mood.

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Mr. Defeat is tremendously efficient. In just a few moments he’s got you sold. It is a bad day. Before you know it, it is a heck of a bad day. But tell yourself, “Today is a fine day,” and Mr. Triumph is signaled forward to act. He tells you, “This is a wonderful day. The weather is refreshing. It’s good to be alive. Today you can catch up on some of your work.” And then it is a good day.

In like fashion Mr. Defeat will show you why you can’t succeed, Mr. Triumph will show you that you can succeed. Mr. Defeat will convince you that you will fail, while Mr. Triumph will demonstrate why you will succeed. Mr. Defeat will prepare a brilliant case against Tom, while Mr. Triumph will show you many reasons why you like Tom.

Now the work you give either of these two foremen, the stronger he becomes. If Mr. Defeat is given more to do, he adds personnel and takes up more space in your mind. Eventually, he will take over the entire thought-manufacturing division, and virtually all thought will be of a negative nature.

The only wise thing to do is fire Mr. Defeat. You don’t need him. You don’t want him around telling you that you can’t, you’re not up to it, you’ll fail, and so on. Mr. Defeat won’t help you get where you want to go, so boot him out!

Use Mr. Triumph one hundred percent of the time. When any thought enters your mind, ask Mr. Triumph to go to work for you. He will show you how you can succeed. He will tell you between now and tomorrow, 11,500 new customers would have made their grand entry into your nation. New industries, new scientific breakthroughs, expanding markets- all spell opportunity. This is good news. This is a most wonderful time to be alive!”—David J. Schwartz.

Clean the Stained-Glass Windows in Your Mind

Stained-glass windows are made up of all the beliefs, rules, and ways of being taught to you by your parents, teachers, peers, and every other influence that has shaped you from the moment you were born. And it is forged from every conversation you’ve ever had with every person you’ve ever met and by experience.

All of that has created a story that you’ve sold to yourself on how the world works and how you get to show up in it. Remember, we see the world not as it is but as we are. So, if your stained-glass window is a mess, your life will become a mess.

If your stained-glass window has a belief that says, “You cannot be successful because no one has succeeded in your family,” then your actions will be consistent with that belief, and you won’t succeed in life.

If your stained-glass window says that, “Money is not easy to make,” you will act accordingly. Your thinking creates your reality. You are bound to get more of what you focus on. Your thoughts drive your actions. Your outer realities are predicated on your internal patters of thoughts. Be careful what you allow to occupy your mind because it will definitely become your real-life experiences.

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  1. Good morning sir
    I have been believing on mr triumph everyday of my life since I discovered that it seems as if poverty is all over the family but at the end of the day
    No much good results from the mr triumph
    Why? 🤔

    1. I have been in a battle on how to succeed in this life, I have not discover one thing that I can not do without, a particular thing that I will do now and put all my strength in it in the name to succeed.
      At my age I am still confuse on what or something I will give all my focus( in other ways, I don’t know the purpose I am really pursuing in this World.

      Now I am running an article business, I am also Solar installer, I am also seeking for political appointment. And I am also undergoing training as a Vigilante Group of Nigeria(VGN).
      I am also a public administrator as a profession (B.Sc holder).

      Sir help me with all this I am not fulfilled, sometimes I felt I am nothing because all these are not fetching me enough cash to that care of family. Like this year, I can not boost of 50k savings.
      What should I do Sir? Is my case spiritual? Or what?

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