Success is predictable

By Ifeanyi A. C. Eze.

Success is predictable.
Failure is predictable.

The law you set in motion will determine the result you generate.

A lazy person knows that he or she will be poor.

An individual who lacks money management skills knows that he’ll be poor.

A diligent person knows that he’ll be successful.

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If you make money, save money and invest money, you already know that you’ll be rich.

Laws are principles with predicable consequences.

Your actions have consequences.

Your inactions have consequences.

We can predict our future by paying attention to what we do daily.

If you want to know why you are still poor, check the actions you took in the past.

If you want to predict what your future will look like just pay attention to your daily routine.

Will what you are doing daily lead to success or poverty in the future?

Your future successes will be predicated on your daily routine.

Wisdom is justified by her children.

What you do daily reveals what you be in the future. The seeds you’re sowing today will determine the kind of harvest you’ll reap tomorrow.

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