Do you Have a wealth Map?

Let me begin with two quick questions:

What is your net worth?
How much would you like to be worth in 5 years from now?

Becoming wealthy is not magic, you won’t wake up tomorrow and find yourself rich.

Building wealth is a journey that you must be prepared to embark on. It is a process that starts from the mind, and fully involves your consciousness, careful planning, and execution.

If you want to go on a journey, you must either know where you are going or at least have a map that leads you to your destination. The same thing applies here; if you want to build wealth,  then you need a WEALTH MAP!

There are 3 key things in every good map, they include:

1. The starting point
2. The destination
3. The route

A wealth map is no different, it is a “strategy map” that will guide you from where you are now to your dream of becoming wealthy.

The first thing is the starting point, which is currently where you are. Many people want to be wealthy, but can’t tell you precisely where they are.

What is the minimum you and your family need to survive?
What is your current income?
What is your current monthly expense?
What is your current net worth?
What assets do you have presently?
What good or bad money habits do you presently have.

Figuring out your starting point is not a big deal, and you shouldn’t worry about the technical stuff, it’s simply 4 elements – your income (passive and active), your expenses (recurring), and your liabilities and assets.

You need to define your starting point.

The second is where you are going, i.e. the destination. How much wealth do you want to amass and in what amount of time?

What is wealth to you?
How much do you need to become financially free?
What expense must your passive income rise above to make you truly free?

Freedom is not when you can buy anything you want, it’s when you can afford to buy what you normally buy without having to exchange linear work for it.

The third is the route, which is the most important thing. The route is a plan of action that connects your starting point to your destination. The route you follow to building wealth will determine if the wealth will last or if it will be short-lived.

It will also determine how fast you will be able to build wealth or arrive at your financial freedom dream.

If you are serious about building wealth especially for the long term, then join us on the 20th December 2020, as we show you 8 routes you can follow right now to build lasting wealth in the coming year.

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See you there.

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