How to Be Productive in Your Career or Business and Generate Unprecedented Success the Rest of Your Life

If you know that you are going to die in ten years time, will you manage your time efficiently? The answer is yes. Since you don’t know when you will die, why not make every minute, every hour and every day count? Stop floating through life and make your life count before you die!

You have a very short period of time on earth. If you fail to creatively plan your life on daily basis, it will be difficult for you to stand out in your generation.

If you are 70 years old right now, it means you have spent a total of 613, 200 hours on earth! What did you achieve during this period? If God gave you a total of 25,550 days on earth and you fail, you don’t have the right to blame anybody.

Everything you do during the day can be separated into one of four categories:

1. Urgent and Important Matters.

This is something that you have to do immediately. It is a task that determines whether you will succeed in your profession or not. Urgent and important matters have immediate consequences if you fail to do them before any other task.

2. Important But Not Urgent Matters.

These are the items that usually have the greatest possible long-term consequences. Items such as personal development, upgrading your knowledge and skills, physical fitness and exercise, and spending time with your family.

An item that is important but not urgent can be put off until later. But tasks and activities that are not urgent but important sooner or later will become very urgent if you prolong them. If you fail to engage in physical fitness for a long time it will lead to something you may not like. If you fail to spend time with your family for a long time, the consequences can be dire. Don’t prolong important matters that are not urgent.

3. Urgent But Not Important Matters.

These may be telephone calls that are not life threatening, emails, text messages, chatting with coworkers, casual conversation about the the football matches that were played last weekend, and so on.

You may engage in these activities at work, but you must understand that that they have zero impact on your success. Some people delude themselves into thinking that they are actually working when they are doing things that are urgent but not important. This is a great time waster and a killer of careers and potential.

You should have invested the time you waste arguing about football in making contacts for sales. If you step into markets right now, you will see traders that are already drinking and chatting about things that have nothing to do with their businesses. If customers are no longer patronizing them, they will rush to a prophet to spiritually command customers to come.

4. Activities that are Neither Urgent Nor Important.

These are completely useless activities, things that you do during the day that are completely irrelevant and have no consequences at all, such as reading the newspaper, calling home to see what’s for dinner, or going shopping when you should be working. They contribute nothing to your company or your personal goals.

The key to doubling your productivity is, first of all, to spend more time doing things that are urgent and important, and second, to work on activities that are urgent but not important at the moment.

You also increase your productivity by refusing to do things that are not important at all. Always ask yourself, “What are the long term potential consequences of doing this task? What would happen if I did not do it at all?” And whatever your answer is, let it guide you in your choice of priorities.

You can also use the ABCDE strategy that was propounded by phycologist.

An “A” stands for something that is very important. This is something that you must do, something that has serious consequences associated with either doing it or not doing it. Put an A next to every key task on your list.

A “B” stands for something that you should do, but it is not as important as an A task. There are consequences associated with doing it or not doing it, but they are only mild consequences that don’t last for long.

A “C” stands for something that would be nice to do but for which there are no consequences at all. Calling a friend, reading the newspaper, arguing about your favorite football club, or chatting with a coworker are things that are nice to do, but they have absolutely no consequences for your career or your success.

The rule is that you should never do a “B” item when there is an “A” item left undone. You must discipline yourself to follow this powerful rule.

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