2020 Is Finally Here–What Next?

God just gave everybody on earth–Christians, non-Christians, black, white, brown, Africans, Asians, caucasian and every human being on earth a blank cheque containing 365 days, 8,760 hours, and 525,600 minutes free of charge. What each one of us does within these days, hours and minutes will determine his or her rating by the end of the year.

Yesterday night (31st December, 2019) I said to myself, “Ifeanyi A. C. Eze, see, this year is not going to think for you, plan for you, strategize for you, connect you to new customers and clients, or make money for you. There is no magic about the number that makes up the year.” I am saying the same thing to you.

There is no difference between 2020 and 2019. Unless you’re a star gazer or those who follow illusions like zodiac sign, otherwise every day is the same. Every year is the same. Every hour is the same. Every minute is the same. It only changes label and come with different appellation.

Guess what? The year is not going to begin, it has begun!! If you are still waiting to start it may be too late by then. So, just start!

If you followed my posts all through last December, you would have finished planning for the year before it showed up. Failing to plan is also planning. Hatred for planning is also planning. If you fail to plan you will be at the mercy of strategic planners.

It is good to pray and fast at the beginning of the year. But you must understand that praying and fasting without strategic plan and action is like brand new AK47 without bullet.

Happy Bew Year!

I am Ifeanyi A. C. Eze.
Facebook: Ifeanyi A. C. Eze
Twitter: @KingIfeanyiEze

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