Every Disappointment Is Not A Blessing!!

There are phrases and cliché we use in our clime that encourages mental laziness. Instead of analysing and ascertaining why things are not working, we will fetch cliché to pacify ourselves.

You have an appointment with a customer in your shop by 7AM but you woke up late. Only to get to the market and discover that your customer bought the products from your competitors. The next thing you will say is, “every disappointment is a blessing.”

You are supposed to prepare very well for an interview. Unfortunately, when the panel called you to come in, you got up and discovered that you forgot your CV at home. The company hires a less qualified but well prepared individual, and you’ll pacify yourself with “every disappointment is a blessing.”




Your parents sent you to one of the best universities in town. You got there and joined bad gang or cult group. The school authority discovered it and you were rusticated. Instead of dealing with what led to that incident, you pacified yourself with “every disappointment is a blessing.”

Young lady, you’re actually very beautiful. But you are still single because of your bad character. Every man that comes your way complains about the same thing. Instead of dealing with your character flaws, you will pacify yourself with “every disappointment is a blessing.”

Young man, you have missed the opportunity to marry God-sent women that came your way because of your bad temper and lies. Instead of changing, you will pacify yourself with “every disappointment is a blessing.”

As a family man you work very hard, but you are still poor. You labour like an elephant but your bank account is like that of a rat. Instead of sitting down to analyse your income and expenditures, you are blaming the devil. If it doesn’t work, you will pacify yourself with “every disappointment is a blessing.”

Our major challenge in Africa is looking for excuses to justify our weaknesses. We love telling stories that will make people to pity us when we fail. But if you take a critical look at the incident, you will discover that we are at fault.

Engage In Creative Analysis

In my book, Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits, I outlined the IDEAL Model for analysis. The acronym, IDEAL is a model for solving problems. When you’re facing challenges in life or leadership, the first thing you should do is to;

(A). Identify the Problem.

You must identify why you’re poor, struggling, failing and frustrated. Why do you go late to every event? Why is your business not growing? Why are you still single at 38? Why is it that men like you but they don’t want to marry you? Why do you quarrel with your spouse all the time?

You cannot solve the problem you do not know, that’s why diagnosis must first be carried out before prognosis.

(B). Define or Diagnose the Problem.

In diagnosing the problem, list all possible causes. It is advised that you get other trusted people involved in this process. In listing the possible causes, go beyond the symptoms to identify the root causes.

(C). Examine the Causes of the Problem.

Examine the causes of the problem and consider possible solutions to them. Examine your options and identify the most appropriate one to apply. If you can ask one or more people to join you in the process, it would be appropriate.

(E). Action Steps.

After diagnosing and examining, write out the action steps you will take to get rid of that problem. Apply the most appropriate solution you have come up with and see how things turn out. Don’t forget to measure the result of your actions.

(F). Look at or Study the Consequences of the Action You are about to Take.

See if it would solve the problem. If it would not, you may need to apply other options. So the IDEAL model is; Identify the problem, Define the problem, Examine the options, Act on a plan, and Look at or consider the consequences.

I strongly believe that this strategy will help you to ascertain the root causes of the challenges in your life, business, profession or family, and profer solutions on how to deal with them.

My people perish not because the devil is too powerful, but because they lack relevant knowledge that will put them in command!

Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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Keep soaring!

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  1. Well spoken. Let’s stop justifying our weaknesses. Every disappointment is not a blessing. Thanks Ifeanyi.

  2. Wonderful! You unveiled the killer diseases of our present day sir, I will surely work on myself as it concerns me . More power Sir.

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