Two Factors that Determines the Outcome of Your Life

There are two forces you can never control in this life no matter how you try. How you manage them will determine whether this year will be different from last year. 

In fact, whenever people meet me and complain about stagnation, I usually ascertain how they manage these two factors. Anyone who downplays the import of these two forces will regret it sooner or later.

As a matter of fact, some people may never make visible or tangible progress in life until they become masters of these two factors. Some individuals who have the potential to become generational transformers are damaging their organs at the pub right now because they downplayed the importance of the two factors I want to share with you.


What are these two factors?

Time and Change!

What you will become in the next ten years will be dependent on how you relate to time and change. How rich you will become in the next five years will be dependent on how you relate to time and change. 

The problem is that we are usually carried away with our daily chores and forget that time and change are in operation. While you are watching the television, eating, chatting with friends and family, sleeping and doing virtually nothing, time is ticking and the world is changing.

No matter how hard you try, you can never control time and change. You can stop your clock until you are ready to make your life count, but you don’t have the capacity to stop every clock on earth.

No one has power to stop either time or change. Nobody has power over time. Whether you are productive or not, the clock will keep ticking. Whether you are ready for change or not, the world will keep changing.

Successful people are those who developed the skill to manage time and change. They know quite well that they cannot control or change them, so they develop time management skills and adapt to change quickly. 

Let’s take them one after another.

What is the value of time?

Time is a gift from God. It is a precious gift given to you and I to make our lives count while on earth. As long as you are still alive, God will keep giving you 24 hours daily. What you do with your own share will determine your placement in life.

If you loose money you can make it back, but when time is wasted, it is gone forever. You can never get yesterday back. It is gone forever. And guess what? If you misuse today, you will not get it back tomorrow.

God sent you to the earth to carry out an assignment. That assignment must be carried out within a certain amount of time.

Look at it from this perspective. If God sent you to the earth to become the scientist that will find a cure for cancer, and He destined that you will live for eighty years, it means you have 29,000 days, 960 months and 696,000 hours to find a cure for cancer.

If you mismanage your time and fail to use it to search for the cure of cancer, God will use someone else. Why? Because He won’t extend your time. He will look for someone who knows how to manage time.

It simply means that you don’t have forever to fulfill your assignment on earth. The more time you waste, the more you shorten your share of time, and the more you shorten the number of days you will stay on earth.

If you do nothing towards the fulfilment of your assignment on earth for ten hours daily, and repeat it for two straight years, it means you have wasted 7,300 hours out of 17,520 hours that you have in two years.

Some people will not fulfill their assignment on earth because of their inability to manage 24 hours daily. 

The day you understand that you have limited time to accomplish anything meaningful in life is the day you’ll take life serious.

If you are young and you came across this article, rejoice because you still have time. But if you fail to adhere to what you are reading, you will soon get old and wonder what happened. You will wake up one day and discover that you are seventy years old.

Job said: “Mortals have a limited life span. You’ve already decided how long we’ll live – you set the boundary and no one can cross it.” Job 14:5 (MSG).

You have limited lifespan. Stop playing around! Have daily, weekly and monthly plan. Your daily activities must be geared towards the fulfilment of your life assignment. Do something daily that takes you closer to the fulfilment of your God-given assignment!

Let’s take a look at change

We are living in an ever-changing world. The speed of change today is breathtaking. While you are trying to grapple with the current changes in your industry, change is already changing the change you are grappling with.  

Many companies lost golden opportunity to become market leaders and dominate it for a long time because they were too slow to maximize change. They got carried away with their present products and services and lost golden opportunity.

I shared the following in my book, Business Growth and Expansion Secrets: “The amount of information available today is greater than any other time in human history, and it is multiplying at a faster rate than ever before.

In 2002, about two hundred and fifteen thousand new books were published in the United States. But today, more than three million new books are published yearly, plus millions of articles on every conceivable subject.

One new idea, or piece of information generated by someone, somewhere on the planet can create a new industry or render an existing industry obsolete.

When Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone in 2007, it was dismissed by the people at RIM (Blackberry), then the world’s phone leader in cell phones, as a toy. In their wisdom, they concluded that it would never interfere with their business of producing complex cell phones with highly secured algorithms for business use.

Today, Blackberry is a software company!

It was later that they tried to switch to Android, but it was already late. It is doubtful that the company will be able to develop a new phone that will enable it to survive in the years ahead. The game has changed.

According to a report by The Telegraph on 28th September, 2016, “After 14 years in the mobile phone business, embattled maker Blackberry has announced that it is no longer going to design its own smartphones.

“The company, which is famed for its ‘Qwerty’ keyboard mobile phones that were choice handset for professionals, has been struggling to keep up with market leaders, Apple and Samsung, as the world has moved to touchscreen.”

The company said it would focus on creating software for mobile phones, rather than the devices themselves. Instead, they will outsource the brand to other manufacturers.

While Blackberry was struggling, global sales of smartphones to users in 2018 alone rose to 1.5 billion; 1.3 billion of them being Android devices. By Q2 of 2018, the smartphones sales by numbers and percentage ranking was:

Samsung – 71.5 million – 20.9 percent.

Huawei – 54.2 million – 15.8 percent.

Apple – 41.3 million – 12.1 percent.

Xiaomi – 31.9 million – 9.3 percent.

Oppo – 29.4 million – 8.6 percent.

If the management of Blackberry embraced change, they would have changed their operating system to Android and be able to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple Inc. Those who refuse to embrace change will definitely pay dearly for it.

Over ninety percent of best thinkers, scientist, writers, creators and entrepreneurs who have ever lived in human history are living and walking today. The smartest, brightest, most creative and determined scientist and researchers who have ever lived are walking right now to discover new ideas and applications that can be used to improve products and services of all kinds, and develop new ones.”

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