To Stand Out, You Must Step Out!

One of the most important qualities you must have is the courage to step out when everyone is panicking. The Newton’s First Law of Motion states that, “Every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.” Nothing happens by chance. Until you take the first step, nothing will change around you. Until you move, nothing will move around you. Everything around you right now will remain the same until you take action.

Ideas are ultimately worthless unless you activate them with focused and consistent action. Successful people never leave the site of a good idea without doing something—no matter how small—to breathe life into it.

Lots of people have great ideas but they don’t have the courage to take action. What makes idea great is the speed of execution. Don’t go about boasting about your uncommon ideas, show me the actions you’re taking towards its actualization. That you are a good inventor is fantastic but show me your products at the marketplace.

Some people are not making progress because they are either too weak or too afraid to chase their dreams and act on their ideas. They keep procrastinating until someone else generates the same idea and run with it. No wonder Richard Bach said, “A powerful idea is absolutely fascinating and utterly useless until we choose to use it.”

Small steps over time generate big results. And failure, on the other hand comes from a few daily acts of neglect that over time lead to disaster. “Daily ripples of superior performance add up over time to a tidal wave of outrageous success. Daily ripples of positive steps—over time—will become a tsunami of success.”—Robin Sharma.

What separate great leaders and ordinary leaders is deliberate action around uncommon ideas even when they are not too sure. Uncommon idea alone has zero value. What makes it uncommon is the action and speed of execution around the uncommon idea. Even mediocre idea excellently executed is more valuable than an uncommon idea poorly executed.

The first step is usually the hardest, but if you can summon courage and step out, it will get easier as you keep at it. And every positive step that follows sets yet another positive consequence into play. Beginning is half the battle. It takes willpower and mental strength to step out when everybody around you is saying you are mad.

Every action has a consequence. Things will start to move forward the very day you dare to move forward in life. Doors you didn’t know existed will begin to open for you. That is why I tell people that doors won’t open until they take the first step. God wants to open doors for you, but to gain access to them, you must step out of your comfort zone.

Success is so much a number game. The more action you take, the more results you’ll see. The more products you have the courage to create, the bigger your sales will become. The more time you spend reading your books, the better your grade. The more doors you knock on as a salesperson, the more sales you make. The more messages you preach as a minister, the better you become, and more doors will open for you. If you don’t act, you won’t gain access to new and better doors.

It is said that the space shuttle uses more fuel during its first three minutes after liftoff than during its entire voyage around the earth. Writing my first book (Fulfilling Your Destiny) in 2006 was very difficult for me. But I kept writing until I completed the project. Today, writing is the easiest task for me. The first step was difficult, but the more I write the better I become.

The first step is truly the hardest because you are fighting the forces of your old thinking and habits. Nobody likes change, but to succeed in life you must embrace change. You must see it as necessity for success.

Many leaders do predictable things because they don’t have the courage to do new things. They are scared of the unknown, so they chose to fall in love with the known. But you can’t move from the backline to the frontline unless you are willing to take action and confront the fears that wants to stop you.

Big changes are scary. But you don’t have a choice. Some leaders want new results, but they are not ready to jettison old patterns and strategies. William Faulkner opined, “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” Brené Brown said, You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.”

Great Leaders are Courageous

In his book, 10 Laws of Leadership, Bill Newman described courage thus: “Courage has several names: bravery, valor, fearlessness, audacity, chivalry, heroism, confidence, nerve, and a few nicknames; guts, grit, gristle, backbone, pluck, and spunk. But whatever the name, it never met its match. The heights of the Himalayas only encourage it. The depths of the Caribbean merely excite it. the sound of war stimulates it. the difficulty of a job motivates it. the demands of competition inspire it. criticism challenges it, adventure arouses it, danger incites it, threats quicken it.”

Continuing, he said, “Courage. That’s another word for inner strength, presence of mind against odds, determination to hang in there, to venture, to persevere, and withstand hardship. It’s got “keeping” power. It’s what kept the pioneers rolling forward in those covered wagons in spite of the elements and mountains and flaming arrows. It’s what makes the amputee reject pity and continue to take life by the throat. It’s what forces every married couple having trouble, never to say, “Let’s terminate.” It’s what keeps a nation free in spite of attacks.”

Eddie Rickenbacker said, “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage when you’re scared.” Mark Twain opined, Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear—not absence of fear.

Some people think that courage is the absence of fear, not at all. As a leader that wants to grow an organization and take it to the next level, sometimes you will be afraid to take a step that if succeeds, will move the organization forward. At that moment, you must be courageous enough to step out. As long as you have done your homework, and you are not taking the steps blindly, just step forward and make your dream come true.

Great leaders are bold, courageous and audacious. Just imagine a seventeen-year-old boy telling the king that he would fight a giant who had been a fighter all his life. It took courage to do that, but David ended up deafening goliath. A chickenhearted leader will never stand out or achieve something extraordinary. A fearful leader will achieve nothing extraordinary. To have your lion share you need a lion’s heart.

The lion is the king of the jungle not by size, but by being bold and courageous. There are animals that are bigger and even stronger than the lion, but they do not have the boldness of a lion. So, when an elephant that is bigger than a lion sees a lion coming, it sees the eater. When a lion that is not as big as the elephant sees an elephant, he says that is my food. The elephant that is bigger sees the eater. The lion is smaller than the elephant sees his lunch because of the kind of heart it has.

To stand out, you must have the courage to step out right now. the more you postpone it, the more difficult it becomes. Start now! take that action now!

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  1. Awesome Content! Courage is ok need rare thing people have and it hinders people from taking actions and creating their dream life.

    However, I’ve discovered that lack (eg. lack of money not just courage alone), has also hindered a lot of people from creating that thing they had wanted to create of invent.

  2. Awesome Content!
    Courage is good. It’s a rare thing that people have for lack of it hinders people from taking actions and creating their dream life.

    However, I’ve discovered that lack (eg. lack of money not just courage alone), has also hindered a lot of people from creating that thing they had wanted to create or invent.

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