How Sustainable Is Your Business Model?

Whenever people share fantastic business ideas and the amount of money they are making from it with me, I usually pause and ask one question; how sustainable is this business?

It is good to make money from your business today, but the question is, what about tomorrow? Will you still be making money from it in the next ten, twenty, fifty and eighty years? Is the business a means of survival or a means to perpetuate wealth in your family?

The following companies have existed for many years and they are still waxing stronger because their business model is sustainable:


Guinness 1759.

Schweppes 1783

Coca-Cola 1886

Exxon 1882

General Electric 1892

Johnson & Johnson 1886

J.P. Morgan 1838

Pfizer 1849

Shell 1892

Boeing 1916

Caterpillar 1925

Disney 1923

Nordstrom 1901

Unilever 1921.

The difference between companies that succeed for a long time and those that fail and disappear is a process called strategic thinking.

In other words, companies that have succeeded for a long time have CEOs and c-level executives who are better strategic thinkers and planners than the companies that fail.

Companies that are successful over a long period of time simply out-perform their competitors by outthinking them in the boardroom and not outmuscling them in the marketplace.

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I will outline timeless strategies to growing sustainable businesses in the 21st century.

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