Four Things You Must Do Before January 1st

I think January is the longest month of the year. Why? Because it starts from December. The Christmas celebration makes December to be less productive. I am sure that you have either closed for the year or traveled to the village. That’s why January is the longest month of the year.

I have always maintained that you should not wait for the month or year to end before planning for it. You should strategize on what to do in every season before the season knocks on your door. So do the following:

1. Thank God for the Gift of Life.

Sometimes we take things for granted because we are used to them. That you are alive today is a miracle. God woke you up this morning not your alarm clock. God preserved you from January till this minute.

Some of us that travel frequently for speaking engagements can tell you that people die every hour. In fact, if you get to Lagos toll gate early in the morning, you will see the number of ambulances that are taking the remains of people to the village. So thank God for the gift of life.

2. Strategically Plan for the Year.

I am sure by now you know that new year resolution does not make sense. Don’t say what you will do, strategize on how to do it. Don’t just say 2019 is your year of breakthrough, sit down and strategize on how to gain access to it.

There is a difference between good wishes and planning. Wishing is hoping that your heart desires will come to pass without your input. That’s why people say something like, “Don’t worry, this poverty will not last forever.” I actually believe them. But if you really want to divorce poverty forever, you must sit down and strategize on how to end it.

Planning is step-by-step approach to accomplishing your tasks. It is travelling into the future through the eyes of the mind and creatively strategy on how to achieve it.

God met a disorganized earth in the first book of Genesis. He masterfully strategized and changed what He saw to what He wanted. He did not create man and animals before creating light. That would have been catastrophic. The first thing He did was to dispell darkness with light.

He did not create animals before their food. He created grass before animals showed up. He planted the garden of Eden before creating man so that he could have a place to live and take care of his family. God is the initiator of planning. If you want to learn more about this subject order for some of my books like Twelve Pillars of Financial Success, 15 Laws of Money, and Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits. 

3. Attend Conferences and Seminars Before the Beginning of February.

I know that many churches focus only on prayer in January which is very good. But praying without planning is playing without knowing. The answers to your prayer needs well thought-out channels.

God promised to bless Isaac in Genesis 26. But Issac had to strategize on how to gain access to the blessing. He generated the idea of digging Wells to water his crops since famine was ravaging the nation. By learning how to generate a solution to the draught, he became the richest man in the land!

If you read the article I published recently titled, The 3 Percent Rule, you would have come across the story of a salesman whose income quadrupled by simply attending conferences and seminars, listening to audio programs, and paying a coaching to train him. His income jumped from $5,000 to $1 million!

Write down the conferences and seminars you will attend within the next one month. Attend the ones that will address the challenges you are facing in your business or career.

4. Restructure Your Business.

If you are a business owner don’t just start another year without inviting a consultant to restructure your company. If you want to generate a different result this year you must apply a different strategy. If your business is not thriving, something has to be done about it. Blaming the devil or your uncle will not change anything.

While you are going from one prophet to another, your competitors are strategizing on how to close down your business. Wars are won based on superior strategy not wishes!

The ragtag army of Lawrence of Arabia defeated a more sophisticated Turkish army because he had superior strategy. So if you want to experience business growth and expansion this year you must apply a sophisticated strategy. Lamenting about your misfortunes will not grow your business.

I encourage you to take these steps right now. Start now whether you traveled to village or not.

We can actually help you achieve the last three steps from this minute. Just send an email to [email protected] stating the area you want us to help you. It could be planning for the year, attending the right conferences and seminars, or to help restructure your business for unprecedented success.

Abraham Lincoln said; “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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