The 3 Percent Rule of Success

My greatest discovery in life is that you cannot do what you are ignorant of. You are poor because you don’t know what to do to be rich. You fight with your spouse because you’re ignorant of how to live peacefully.

No matter the volume of anointing oil you drink, you cannot apply the strategy you’re ignorant of. Your business cannot grow beyond your capacity. Although the business may have the potential to go global, but your inability to generate enough insight on business growth will hamper it’s growth.

To guarantee your life long success, you must make a decision today to invest 3 percent of your income back into yourself.

According to the American Society for Training and Development, this is the percentage that the most profitable 20 percent of companies in every industry invest in the training and development of their staff.

So, decide today to invest 3 percent of your income into yourself in order to make yourself an appreciating asset, to continually increase your earning ability.

Some people are actually losing value each year, declining in earning ability, because they are not continually upgrading their knowledge and skills.

They don’t realize that whatever knowledge and skill they have today is rapidly becoming obsolete. It is being replaced by new knowledge  and skill that, if you don’t have them and someone else does, you will be in danger of being overtaken by your competitors.

If your annual income is N1 million ($2,800), resolve to invest 3 percent of that amount, or N30,000 back into yourself each year to maintain and upgrade your knowledge and skills. If you do this consistently, within five years, your business or career will definitely thrive.

Brian Tracy shared the following story. “I was giving a seminar in a city years ago when a young man, about thirty years old, came up to me at the break. He told me that he had first come to my seminar and heard me talk about the 3 Percent Rule about a year ago.

At that time, he had dropped out of college, was living at home, driving an old car, and earning about $20,000 a year as an office-to-office salesman.

He decided after the seminar that he was going to apply the 3 Percent Rule to himself, and he did immediately. He calculated that 3 percent of his income of $20,000 would be $600. He invested in two audio programs on sales and time management. He took one sales seminar. He invested the entire $600 in himself, learning to become better.

That year, his income went from $20,000 to $30,000, an increase of 50 percent. He said he could trace the increase with great accuracy to the things he had learned and applied from the books he had read and the audio programs he had listened to.

So the following year, he Invested 3 percent of $30,000, a total of $900, back into himself. That year, his income jumped from $30,000 to $50,000. He began to think, “If my income goes up at 50 percent per year by investing 3 percent back to myself, what would happen if I invested 5 percent?”

The next year, he invested 5 percent of his income, $2,500, into learning program. He took more seminars, travelled cross country to a conference, bought more audio programs, and even hired a part-time coach. And that year, his income doubled to $100,000!

After that, he decided to go “all in” and raised his investment into himself to 10 percent per year. He told me that he had been doing this ever since.

I asked him, “How has investing 10 percent of your income back into yourself affected your income?”

He smiled and said, “I passed a million dollars in personal income last year. And I still invest 10 percent of my income in myself every single year.”

I said, “That’s a lot of money. How do you manage to spend that much money on personal development?”

He said, “It’s hard! I have to start spending money on myself in January in order to invest it all by the end of the year. I have an image coach, a sales coach, and a speaking coach.

I have a large library in my home with every book, audio program, and video program on sales and personal success I can find. I attend conferences, both nationally and internationally in my field. And my income keeps going up and up every year.”

The truth is that anyone who is not ready to invest a portion of his income into himself is not ready to become wealthy. The poor will remain poor because he sees paying for books, audio programs and conferences as a waste of money. That’s why he will remain poor.

You cannot break out of poverty until you learn how to become wealthy. To learn, you must invest your money. You must pay a coach, buy books, pay and attend seminars and conferences every year. That’s my secret.

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One of my greatest quotes in life is, “If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the highest return.”~ Benjamin Franklin.

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