You Can Annihilate Hatred and Jealousy

Naturally, when you see someone succeeding, something in you would react, and that reaction will trigger jealousy, and jealousy will lead to hatred and finally negative utterances like “I am not sure his money is clean,” “who does he think he is?,” “I am not sure he is still a genuine Christian,” etc. would proceed from your mouth.

In order to deal with it, I usually say, “Lord I bless you for doing this for my brother.” “Oh, finally, you have remembered this sister, thank you Lord,” “Tony, your breakthrough is preserved in Jesus name.”

I usually say these audibly to kill that human weakness that desperately wants to castigate not celebrate.

If brother Cain had celebrated his brother and ascertained what he did that made God to accept his sacrifice, he wouldn’t have killed his brother. He allowed jealousy to trigger hate which led to murder.

One of the ways people (especially some Christians) do this is to see negative visions and dreams about the man or woman that is succeeding. And guess what? They will start spreading the negative dreams to tarnish the image of the person. Their plan is to  assassinate the person’s character so that he won’t outshine them.

But they forgot that you can successful take away Joseph’s coat of many colors but you can’t take away his destiny. Whom God has blessed is blessed. Your hatred can’t change it. Your jealousy can’t stop God.

So, dear friend, learn to celebrate others. Congratulate them, celebrate them, and if possible, ask for their mentorship. Guess what? They will gladly share their secrets with you.

Wisdom is justified by her children!

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