Men and Women are from Different Planets

Naturally, men and women sometimes misunderstand themselves. In fact, it’s like men and women come from different planets. But a couple that understands that they are wired differently will never have misunderstanding.

A worried newly married man said to me, “Mr. Ifeanyi A. C Eze, “Why does women behavior seem to be strange sometimes? I told him that the reason is that both of you are wired differently. I made him to understand that if I interview his wife, she will also say the same thing about him.

According to MRI scans, when men communicate, they use only the centers of their brains. When women communicate, they use seven centers of their brains. It is as though men have two headlights with which to communicate, whereas a woman’s brain is like halogen.

Men can process only one sensory input at a time, whereas women can process multiple sensory inputs. When a man is watching television, he does not see or hear anything else, including words spoken to him from the side or behind. He becomes totally fixated on the visual images and word on the screen.

A man had to turn down the television or radio to answer the telephone. He cannot read and listen or watch at the same time. Men can do many things extremely well, but they can do only one thing at a time. Men tend to be very focused.

Women on the other hand, can talk, make dinner, watch television, read the newspaper, and talk to her children or husband all at once. They are multidimensional and can process several inputs simultaneously.

They can talk and listen at the same time and be aware of what other people around them are doing and saying.

Women are relationship experts. They are very sensitive to other people. When a man and a woman attend a social gathering, within ten minutes, the woman would have done an analysis and assessment of the situation of each of the other people in the room.

In contrast, the man accompanying the woman will noticed little or nothing. This is because men are simple and straight forward in their thinking, whereas women are complex, aware of small details, and extremely sensitive to the dynamics and nuances of the relationship of the people around them.

A man can call his wife on the phone and say, “Hello.” Although she has only heard one word, she will immediately ask, “What’s wrong?” She can pick up a wealth of meaning and emotion from a single word on the phone or a single glance or look when he walks in the door.

Because of the many differences between men and women, it takes tremendous discipline to build and maintain a long-term, loving, and happy relationship.

I strongly believe that it’s not really difficult for men and women to live together happily. If you can simply understand your differences, you will never have problems.

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  1. Wonderful only a throughly Godly Man dat can really see it in the picture of both couple been different nd will only undastand dat,but some men always see Dem self as d head dat is been boss to his partner nd some times d woman opinions doesn’t count.anyway may GOD help us.

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