How to Set and Achieve Your Goals in 7 Simple Steps

Would you like to achieve your goals?

I’m sure you do. Reading this article is enough evidence that you want to.

We all want to achieve our goals, however a lot people will not achieve their goals, because they are not following the right steps required to achieve your goals. This story will better illustrate that point:

A man once got lost in the mountain and after trying to find his way, all effort proved abortive. He was simply going round and round in circles. After many failed exhaustive effort, he finally saw a mountain guide and asked him for directions. The guide told him “You can’t get out from this side of the mountain. Scale to the other side and you will see a broad path, follow it.” After an hour work, and following the direction from the guide, he found his way.

Many people are like the man from the story, they are trying to achieve their goals but are taking the wrong steps.

No matter how much HARD WORK you put; if you are taking the wrong steps, you are going to fail.

This is why I am putting together this guide, to show you how to set and achieve your goals by following the right steps in the right order.

In this article I’ll be sharing with you 7 winning steps that you should follow to set and achieve any goal. If you are looking for how to achieve any kind of goal, this is the step step you need to follow to achieve it.

Step #1: Decide exactly what you want

Clarity is 80% of success. If you really want to achieve success in your life you must know exactly what you want.  T. Harv Eker was right when he said:

“the number one reason most people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want” ~ T. Harv Eker

The reason a lot of people are not getting what they want is because they don’t know what they want. If you want to get what you want you must know exactly what you want and go for it.

Step #2. Write it Down

Knowing exactly what you want is good; however it is important that you write down your goals. Writing your goals makes it easier for you to track it in the future.

It also helps you to embed it into your subconscious mind and helps you to create a vivid image of what you want. Brian Tracy advised:

“When you wake up in the morning, write your goals and before you go to sleep, write your goals down” ~ Brian Tracy

When you do this, it makes your goal, real and vivid not just some hopeful wish that luck will bring to you someday.

Step #3: Set a Deadline

The next step is to set a deadline. Ask yourself, when are you going to achieve your set out goal?

It is very important not to underestimate the time required and it’s also important not to overestimate. The right thing to do, is to carefully analyse your options resources and energy to achieve a goal. Then set a time frame that will be “lower than the normal.

Step #4: Plan

The next step is to make plans on how you will achieve your goal. How do you plan?

Simple. Start by making a list of everything you can think of, that you will have to do to achieve your goal. It is important that you analyse all your skills, resources, efforts and energy (manpower as the case maybe) that will be required so make your goal a reality.

Step #5: Organisation

After you have made a list of everything you can think of that you have to do to achieve your goal; the next step is simply to organise your list by sequence and priority. Organise in the order of which action comes first and last and also figure out which actions is more important than the other.

Organising your list helps you to know the first steps you’re going to take towards achieving your goal. One advice here is, don’t overthink it.

Step #6: Take the first step

The hardest step is usually the first step but when you take this step, you will discover that your fears are lying. Take the first step, whether you’re ready or not. Les Brown Advised:

“Make your move before you are ready” ~ Les Brown

While developing the courage to take the first step can be tough especially when it seems as if you are going to lose. However as Grant Cardone says:

“Our fears only show up when we are about to take massive steps that will change your life forever” ~ Grant Cardone

It is important to identify the worst possible outcome and then face that outcome and you will develop the courage to take the first step.

Step #7: Consistent persistence

Success is all about consistency. From today, take one important step daily to achieve your goal. It is very important for you to know that time is not waiting for you. You don’t have all the time in the world to be a champion.

All you have is now.

Step out and every day do something that draws you closer to your goals.

In Conclusion:

Success is not an accident. If you are going to succeed, you need to take a conscious decision to enact that success. These seven steps, when followed will help you achieve your goal, however one important factor that you really need to implement these steps is “SELF DISCIPLINE”

So, take your time to develop the self discipline required to achieve your goals. Finally, don’t let anybody talk to you out of your goals; they might say it is too big, but like I always say:

“If it is not too big for the mind, it is not too big for the hand.” ~ Ifeanyi A.C. Eze

So don’t let anybody talk you out of your dreams, you are a success and successful people never give up on their dreams. Don’t give up!

See you at the top!

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