Success Is Predictable

If you know me or have heard me speak anywhere, you would have heard me say over and over that success is not a product of magic or mystery, success is predictable.

Before I crossed over into 2019, I sat down and crafted my plans for 2019. One of my plans was to write two books. I outlined a watertight schedule that made me to practically live like a monk. Sometimes people would see me and ask, “You are very scarce, hope there is no problem?”

Of course, I travel often. Sometimes, every week. But because I had a plan to write two books in 2019, my MacBook and my work materials became my travel companion.

Guess what? By 30th May, 2019, I finished writing Business Growth and Expansion Secrets. Before the end of July, I revamped my first book, Fulfilling Your Destiny. I removed a chapter, added two new chapters and an epilogue to it. I am sure the new edition will be close to 260 pages or more.

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Between August and now, I am almost through with another new book, 360 Degrees Business Management that will be as voluminous as Busines Growth and Expansion Secrets.

All these were achieved in between consistent travelling for speaking engagements, preaching in conferences, crusades and revivals, and our company events like CEO Success Summit, Inspire Africa Project Conference and Business and Career Conference.

I planned to write two books, but I ended up writing three big books. That is the power of planning. You aim for the clouds but land on the moon. Planning helps you to run faster and arrive at your destination before your competitors and contemporaries.

You can literally determine how your 2020 will be through the power of planning. God gave you all it takes to create the kind of future you want. You can accurately predict your future based on your plans and daily activities. Your plan unveils your results before you achieve them. You are not just labouring to survive, you have a target that you’re driving at.

A professor of chemistry at a leading university won a Nobel Prize in chemistry in partnership with two other scientists. He said that when he started his university career in his twenties, he decided that he wanted to make a major contribution in the field of chemistry. That was his major definite plan. He focused on it for more than 25 years. And eventually he was successful.

He said, “I was clear from the very beginning. I never doubted that I would eventually make such a significant contribution to chemistry that I would win the Nobel Prize. I was happy when it happened, but it was not a surprise.”

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  1. Planning is predictable, is 100% truth. For failure to plan, (and plan on time) is plan to fail.
    Thanks a million sir. May God continue to give you more inspirations as you inspires not just Africans but the entire world.

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