How to Promote Yourself In Life and At the Workplace

Whenever people complain that their superiors refused to promote them, I usually inform them that they are the ones that determines whether they should be promoted or not.

I discovered years ago that those who are always jostling for promotion are not qualified for it. They simply want a raise or promotion so that they can acquire more toys and generally enjoy life.

Your promotion is not in the hands of your boss, it is in your hands. Your input into the organization determines how much you should be paid and the position you will occupy.

In this story, Brian Tracy shared how he got promoted within a short time. “My advice is as soon as you get settled in at your new job and you are on top of your work, go to your boss and tell him or her that you “want more responsibility.”

Say that you are determined to make the maximum contribution possible in this organization and that you would very much like more responsibility whenever it becomes available.

When I first started doing this as a young executive with a large a corporation, my boss nodded and smiled and thanked me for my interest. But nothing happened, at least for a while. Every few days, I would report to my boss and mention, in parting, that I wanted more responsibility.

After few weeks of this, my boss gave me a project to study and evaluate. I jumped on it like a dog jumping on a bone and ran off. I worked day and night and throughout the weekend, tearing the project apart, gathering research, reassembling the details, and putting together a report and a proposal.

On Monday morning, I went back to my boss with a complete proposal on the project. He was obviously surprised. He said, “There was no rush. I didn’t expect anything back from you for a week or two.”

I thanked him for his concern and told him that “This project evaluation is complete as you requested. And by the way, I would really like more responsibility.”

Things began to change for me very soon after that project evaluation. A week later, I was given another small task, completely outside my range of duties. Again, I grabbed the task and completed it to the best of my ability. A week or two later, my boss gave me another task and then a week later, still another task.

In every case, whatever it was, whether I knew anything about it or not, I immediately went to work on it, often on my own time and on the weekends. I would get it done and back to my boss as fast as I could.

One day, he threw me a task, like a football to a tight end in a close game, which I caught and ran with for a touchdown.

By acting quickly, flying a thousand miles and working day and night, I discovered a fraud and saved the company $2 million. If I had delayed even a couple of days, the money would have been lost.

After that success, the dam broke. First I was given a large assessment and then responsibility for an entire new division and then another new division and then a third.

By the time I had been working for that company for two years, I was running three divisions involving almost $50 million worth of business activities and managing a staff of more than fifty people in three offices.

Meanwhile, my coworkers were still coming in at 9 o’clock sharp, going for lunch with each other, and quitting at 5 o’clock to go drink at the bar.

They muttered and told each other that the reason I was moving up was because I was lucky or the boss was playing favourites. They never learned the importance of asking for more responsibility and moving fast.”

By consistently asking his boss for more responsibility, two things happened simultaneously: first, Brian was developing his capacity to deal with big challenges. People develop muscle by carrying heavy objects. You develop your capacity by dealing with challenges that will stretch you.

Secondly, his boss discovered that Brian was an asset to the company. He also discovered that Brian will always help him out at the shortest moment. By so doing, promoting him was very easy. The boss has seeing his capability, so promotion won’t take too much time.

Our major challenge in this part of the world is desiring to get something for nothing. We want to be wealthy without paying the required price. We want to become the boss without going through the right process. That is why corruption has become a norm in Africa. That is why young people practically live at the gambling centers.

In my book, The Pursuit of Excellence, I opined that money is not the major reason why we work. We work to develop ourselves, to make contributions to humanity, to help grow the organizations we work for, and to make friends that can become our partners in the future. Money is important, but if you can take care of the four things I mentioned, you will definitely make money.

Stop hunting for promotion and start adding value to the organization you’re serving. If you are an asset to your boss, he or she won’t find it difficult increasing your salary or promoting you.

How to Attract Customers

Even as a business owner, you can grow your business faster if you are known for honesty, integrity and quality products and services. If I purchase your product and it failed to do what you promised, I won’t purchase it the second time, and I will definitely tell everyone I know how bad your products are.

If you are selling pharmaceutical products and people discovered that your penicillin is filled with white substance, it means you have constructed a highway that leads to both poverty and death. Why? Because your mother, father, siblings and relatives will definitely purchase your penicillin, and you know what that means.

It is good to advertise your products and services. It is good to advertise your products and services on major media outlets, but make sure your products will do what you promised in the advertisement.

Your success in life will be in direct proportion to what you do after you do what you are expected to do! It is as simple about that.

No wonder Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon or make a better mouse trap than his neighbors, though he builds his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door.”

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