Activating and Maximizing Your Superconscious Mind.

Have you ever had a flash of thought in your mind that suddenly become the solution to the problem you’re grappling with for a long time?

Have you ever been in a quiet state, and suddenly, a thought flashes through your mind that you never expected or planned for? It suddenly flashed through your mind and it turned out to be a great idea or solution to a problem? That is the power of the superconscious mind!

The Law of Superconscious Activity states that any thought, plan, goal, or idea held continuously in the conscious mind must inevitably be brought into reality by the superconscious mind.

Anything that you really want to be, have, or do is possible for you. If you can be absolutely clear about what it is and then access your superconscious mind on a regular basis, you will eventually achieve it.

There is a humorous but insightful story about the Greek scientist, Archimedes. He was the one who gave the world the Law of Flotation.

Archimedes had a superconscious flash of inspiration about the displacement of objects while sitting in his bath. He became so excited that he leaped from the bath and ran naked through the streets of Athens shouting “Eureka!”

Ralph Waldo Emerson called the superconscious mind the “oversoul.” Alfred Alder, a student of Sigmund Freud, called it the “collective unconscious,” and Carl Jung, who broke away from Freud, called it the “Supra Conscious.” Napoleon Hill referred to it as “Infinite Intelligence,” and reported that virtually all of the most successful people in America used it continually throughout their careers.

All important breakthroughs in all fields throughout history have been the result of superconscious functioning. Whenever you suddenly generate a great idea or insight that solved a problem or resolved a dilemma, you have had a superconscious experience.

Brian Tracy said, “Great scientific breakthroughs, like the discovery of DNA or the idea of combining ceramics with electricity that led to the discovery of super conductivity, were superconscious in origin.

The great musicians tapped into and used their superconscious mind repeatedly in the creation of their compositions.

Mozart could see an entire opera in his mind, note perfect, before he began writing. He would then transcribe the opera from his mental picture, without a single mistake, the very first time, ready to play in public without revision.

Thomas Edison patented 1,093 devices at the U.S. Patent Office, almost all of which were turned into commercial products during his lifetime.

At his death in 1931, fully one-sixth of the American workforce was employed in the manufacture and distribution of Thomas Edison-invented products.

Thomas Edison used his superconscious mind continually throughout his entire career to solve seemingly unsolvable problems and achieve historic breakthroughs in electricity, motion pictures, sound recording and transmission, and hundreds of other areas. He would take regular naps during the day to access his superconscious mind for insights that led to his numerous inventions.”

How to Ignite Your Superconscious Mind

Your superconscious mind operates best when you are in a mental state of calm, relaxed expectation. Whenever you practice relaxation in solitude, completely letting go of all your cares and sitting quietly, your superconscious mind begins to function.

Whenever you go into silence and listen to the still, small voice within you, you begin to hear the whispering of your superconscious mind.

Your superconscious mind is also stimulated when you have a clear, written, specific goals, intensely desired, visualized regularly, and constantly worked toward.

Whenever you relax, visualize, and emotionlize a specific result that you intensely desire, you stimulate your superconscious mind into giving you ideas and energy for goal attainment.

Sometimes, a superconscious inspiration can so energize and excite you that you will be unable to sleep or think about anything else. In that case, you should sit down and write our every idea and detail that comes to you. This will often free up your mind and enable you to go back to sleep.

In 2011, I practically wrote one of my books, The Pursuit of Excellence in my car. I was driving while thinking about excellence, suddenly, there was a flash of thought about the subject that kept lining up in my mind. I pulled over immediately and started writing the book.

The Holy Spirit uses this channel also to reveal things to us. When a thought suddenly permeate your mind and makes you restless, I believe that the Holy Spirit wants to pass an instruction to you.

To be continued!

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