The Enemy Called Tomorrow

A young man met me few years ago and said, “Mr. Ifeanyi A. C. Eze, what is the number one enemy of success?” I am sure he wanted me to say the devil, but I surprised him. My answer was, “tomorrow.” He looked at me aghast. I then explained.

The number one assassinator of enviable destinies is tomorrow. Many people are practically stranded in life today because they postponed the actions they should have taken today to tomorrow.

Enviable dreams and aspirations have died natural death because some people are waiting for the right time to take the first step. The beautiful wife of tomorrow is procrastination, and they have two beautiful children; poverty and regret.

15 Laws of Money

This couple go from house to house persuading people to take life easy. They encourage people to rest and continue tomorrow. They have succeeded in burying great ideas.

The greatest regret of some of those who are resting at the cemetery is not that they are dead, but how tomorrow and procrastination encouraged them to abandon their ideas on daily basis until they found themselves at the cemetery.

Books that would have been transforming lives globally by now are buried at the cemetery because of the advice of this couple. The cemetery is literally the richest spot on earth. Why? Because uncommon inventions, great architectural masterpieces, flying cars and all manner of ideas and giftings that should be pushing humanity forward are buried their.

Tomorrow Is An Illusion

One of my greatest discoveries in life is that today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday! You said yesterday that you will take that all important step tomorrow. Suddenly, that tomorrow becomes today and you start talking about another tomorrow.

Tomorrow does not exist. All we have is a day called today! Today is a special gift given to mankind by God to generate uncommon results. Whatever you fail to do today is already one day late. If you postpone the two chapters you should have written today to tomorrow, and then push it forward again, you have succeeded in assassinating six chapters!

Many people have been clamoring for the new year. In fact, some people postpone what they should have completed on the 27th December to January 1st. Guess what? Tomorrow is January 1st. You think tomorrow is far? No at all. By the time you are saying I will do it tomorrow, it is already knocking on your door.

The 2019 you have been talking about is here with us, what next? Every day is the same. There will never be a day that will show up with money in it’s mouth. There is no difference between 31st December and January 1st. It is only a change of label like I always say. It is what you do with the day that will determine your success or failure.

Be In A Hurry.

Sometimes people live as if they have spare life somewhere. You have just one life, so make the most out of it. While you are reading this, somebody just died somewhere. One day, you will be that somebody. Once you die, all you dreams, aspirations, goals, targets, and the call of God are dead forever. So what are you waiting for?

Procrastination is not just the thief of time, it is also the thief of enviable destinies. Procrastination encourages people to be lazy. It encourages people to sit idle and do nothing with their lives. Procrastination is an enemy of progress.

Dear friend, kick procrastination out of you life now! How do you do that? By understanding that tomorrow does not exist. By writing that book and going for that Masters or PhD program you have been postponing for ten years. You kick procrastination out of your life by getting out of the bed right now and take the first step towards the actualization of your dreams.

Personally, I want to die empty. I want to release everything God deposited in me to my generation before I die. Life is a gift from God, what gift are you leaving behind for your generation?

Whenever I pick up the book of a man that died fifty years ago to read, the first thing that comes to my mind is that this man is blessing me from the grave. The man is dead and gone, but he is still teaching me how to succeed in life. That is why I am angry with delay and procrastination.

The thought of this article popped up on my mind this morning and I picked up my device and started writing immediately. There is no time to waste. The most important period of your life is now. Therefore step out now! I mean right now!

There is no day called tomorrow. All you have is just one day, TODAY. You don’t even have a future, all you have is today. In fact, what you do today will determine what ten years from now will look like. Dr. Mike Murdock said, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” So what you do daily is the picture if your future

You cannot be watching the television from morning to night and hope to become wealthy tomorrow. Whatever you are doing now will become the result of the future. So your future is in your hand. Order for my books like, Twelve Pillars of Financial Success, The Untapped Treasures and Increasing Your Capacity for Exploits and learn how to kill procrastination. Also order for my audio programs (CD) tilted, Do It Now. Scroll up, click on th shop button and make your choice.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!

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  1. Good evenning sir, i love what you are doing in the life of my brother Ifeanyi Okonkwo with your good work. First January 2019 my master shall settle me and i shall be totally free from him by the end of January. But i don’t really know how to start pleas i need help.

  2. You are on point Sir, thank you very much. You always make me to be on my feet. No lazying around, no wasting..

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