The Factors that Engenders Business Success

Dear business leader and manager, the biggest mistake you will make is writing a “generic prescription” for your business success.

What do I mean by generic prescription?

If you visit a doctor and without diagnosis he or she starts giving you drugs, and when you ask “Why are you giving me drugs without diagnosis” and he says “Well, that is what everybody is taking,” I’m sure you will run away from that doctor.

As a business owner, you can’t develop your business by doing what everybody is doing.

The major forces that grow business are relevant insights. Relevant insights are the discoveries you generate that engenders unprecedented business growth and expansion.

Strategies are built on insights. It is when you gain new insights that you will be able to develop a unique strategy that suits your business.

Every great business you know today started as a product of an insight. Businesses decline when new insights decline.

So if you keep following your competitors and doing what they are doing, you will end up as a follower in the marketplace.

To stay at the top, you must consistently generate uncommon insights. After all, entrepreneurship is the skill of producing insights and having the courage and patience to apply them.

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