You Can’t Travel Farther Than Your Mindset

Someone asked,

“Mr. Ifeanyi A. C. Eze, good day. Kindly tell me one of the major reasons why some people are not making progress in life.”

The answer is simple: their Mindset!

While teaching on mindset somewhere, I stated the following:

Mindset is your idealogy. That idealogy can engender stagnation if it is negative. Seeing demon in everything is an idealogy.

Mindset is a stronghold!

Just like the color of your spectacles changes the color of the environment, your mindset determines your world view. Others might be seeing great opportunity, but you will be seeing witches and wizards.

I have seen highly anointed people that are stranded in life because of their thought pattern–ideology. You may by highly talented, highly educated and smart, but if your world view is negative, it will be difficult for you to make progress in life.

Mindset is very powerful.

We develop positive or negative mindset through what we consistently listen to. That is why you must not listen to everybody or every teaching.

If you listen to warfare messages for the next six months, it will mould your world view. You’ll start seeing demons and enemies in virtually everything. If you listen to messages on dominion, you will be roaring like a lion. Information moulds our mindset which becomes out idealogy and world view.

What is the solution to negative mindset?

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  1. I have already dissociated myself and life from negative people. Anything that would cause me distractions this year and going forward have been deleted already.

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