A massage from Mr. October

“Good day. My name is Mr. October, and I am a gift from God. I don’t have any solution to your problems.

I am not different from January or September. We are the same, it’s just that we come with different names and labels so that you will be able to calculate days and months.

Dear friend, God sent me to tell you that if you treat me the same way you treated my friends (January to September), nothing will change around you by the time I come to an end.

Let me warn you; saying great things because I took over from September is good, but nothing will change around you unless you know what to do with me.

I will not plan for you. I will not tell you when to sleep or wake up. It is not my duty to tell you when to study the Bible or pray, when to work or play. It is your duty to do that.

God did not send me to take all your sorrows away, stop lying against me. Yes I am the 10th month, but there is nothing special about me unless you’re a star gazer! If you know what you want to do with me kindly start now.

Let me say this before I end this treatise: If you fail to rearrange your daily routine, you have already determined the result you will have by the time I hand over to my friends, (November to December).

Stop celebrating us as if we are different, it is your duty to do whatever you like with us.

In case you don’t know, if you started saving N1,000 from the first day of January this year, you would have saved N273,000 in your piggy bank by now.

On the other hand, if you started drinking 10 bottles of beer from the first day of January till today, it means you have consumed about 2,730 bottles of beer, and you have squandered over N800,000! Let me warn you that if you continue like this, you might kill yourself very soon.

Always remember that while you’re claiming uncommon breakthrough, your contemporaries in other nations are provoking their breakthroughs. The choices you make today will determine the results that will pay you special visits in the future.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!”

Yours truly, Mr. October.

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  1. Mmmm…this is so deep. What a wise and string message from Mr. October. Thanks Sir Ifeanyi for sharing

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