Activate Your Mental Power

One of the factors that engenders unprecedented success is the power of visualization. Your real life experiences are the products of your imagination.

While listening to one of my favourite speakers many years ago, he made mention of the law of attraction. I put it into practice and discovered that it works.

The Law of Attraction simply states that you’re like a living magnet, you will always attract things, people, resources and circumstances that are in line with your dominant thought.

You will always magnetize (attract) the content of your thought. You will always attract whatever you consistently meditate upon. You will always pull towards your direction the content of your thought.

If you change your mental pictures on the inside, your world on the outside will change. You will always become what you visualize most of the time. If you consistently think poverty and lack, you will attract it. If you think success, you will also attract it.

Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

In professional athletics, there is a training method known as mental rehearsal. World class athletes in every field mentally rehearse their events before they go into active competition.

They see themselves performing at their very best before every event. For many days and hours before a major competition, they visualize themselves performing successfully, over and over again.

They continuously recall their “personal bests” in previous competitions and replay this personal best like a movie of the mind in their own mental screening room.

They see themselves doing well over and over and feel the joy and satisfaction that accompany a peak performance. They become excited and happy about doing just well in the upcoming competition. And when the competition begins, as far as they are concerned, they have already won.

Ignite Your Success

Successful people are those who visualize the kind of success they want to enjoy in advance. Their performance on the outside is always consistent with the images on the inside of them.

Your self-image is made up of the mental pictures that you feed into your mind prior to any event. And the good news is that you have complete control over your mental pictures. You can choose to feed your mind with positive, exciting success images, or you can, by default, allow yourself to be preoccupied by failure images. The choice is up to you.

Visualize It

Almost everything that you have achieved in life, or failed to achieve, is the result of the use or misuse of visualization. If you look back, you will find that almost everything you visualized positively eventually came true for you. You visualized getting married to your sweetheart and it happened. You visualized buying your first car, and it happened. You visualized making your first million, and you made it.

You have been using the power of visualization all your life. But the problem is that most people use visualization in a random and haphazard way, sometimes to help themselves and sometimes to hurt themselves.

You should take complete control of the visualization process and be sure that your mind and mental images are focused continually on what you want to have and the person you want to become.

Aristotle opined that the very best way to develop virtue, if you currently lack it, is to imagine and to behave in every respect as though you already had the virtue whenever that virtue is called for. See and think about yourself as you can be, not just as you might be today. Gradually, you will become that new person.

In essence, you control the molding and shaping of your own personality and success by the mental images that you dwell upon hour after hour, and minute by minute.

By changing your mental images, you change the way you think, feel, and act. You change your performance. You attract great opportunities for wealth creation.

Your physical body has no mind of its own. The slightest movement of your fingers or toes is controlled by your brain. It is your mind that sends impulses of nerve energy down your spine and throughout your body to your muscles to coordinate your physical activities.

When you visualize, you can actually train your mind. You program your mind with the performance that you want your body to carry out.

Mind What You Store Up In Your Mind.

If you truly want to become a pace setter, trailblazer or history maker, you must understand the usage of the mind. Your mind is like the memory card in a camera. Whatever you store up in your mind (memory card) is what will be printed out for you in real life. Mind what you allow to occupy your mind.

A lot of people died in accident because they allowed fear to gain foothold in their minds, and the content of their minds were printed out in form of accident.

Every great achiever thinks winning all the time. Every pace setter thinks winning all the time. Every underachiever thinks struggle and poverty all the time. What you allow to occupy your mind will become your real life experiences.

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  1. The most essential which I got from this is the actions taken after the positive thoughts. If one visualizes goodness or success without working towards it afterwards, I guess, according to this piece, it’s like an empty gong….
    Thanks for this edifying eye-opener.

  2. What u visualizes in ur mind makes up ur dream. And personally I works towards bringing my dreams to reality.
    You are very correct sir, all my achievements today are products of my dream…

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