Understanding and Applying the Vacuum Principle

I discovered many years ago that new doors of opportunities will not open untill I create space for it. You cannot hold on to antiquated, obsolete and expired business or career and hope to break new grounds.

The Vacuum Principle states that, when you create a vacuum of any kind, nature rushes in to fill it.

If you refuse to take a step of faith, future opportunities will not show up. A bird at hand is not better than the millions in the bush. If you can step out, you will discover that millions of birds are waiting for you.

Brian Tracy shared this wonderful story. “Not long ago, a couple came to me with a problem. The husband was working for a company owned by his family and he was bitterly unhappy.

The company was full of politics, backbiting and negativity, and he was stressed out and hated his job. He wanted to do something else but had no job offers or potential alternatives to his current position. He asked me for my advice on what to do.

I explained to him that there is a Vacancy Principle of Prosperity. In his case, this meant that as long as he stayed at his current job, there was no way that other opportunities could find him or that he could recognize other opportunities.

I told him to take a giant leap of faith and just walk away from his current job with no lifeline or safety net. I assured him that if he did, all kinds of possibilities would open up for him that he simply couldn’t see while he was locked up in his current situation.

He took my advice: he quit his job. The members of his family became very angry and told him that he would be unemployed outside of their business. But he stuck to his gun.

He went home, took a few days off, and began to think about his experience and his skills and how they could best be applied to other jobs on other companies.

Within two weeks, without raising a finger, he had two job offers from other companies, both paying substantially more than he was earning working for his family firm, and both offering all kinds of opportunities that were vastly superior to those at the job he had walked away from.

As soon as the word has gotten out in the marketplace that he was available, other company owners, having worked with him and his company in the past, were eager to open doors for him.

As he moved down the corridor of life, he began to see possibilities that he had been missing completely by limiting himself to where he was.”

If you want to become more successful and achieve great things in life, you must be ready to try more things. Be adventurous!

Take more action, get busier, start a little earlier, work a little harder and stay a little later. Put the odds in your favour. According to the law of probability, the more things you try, the more likely it is that you will try the one thing that will make all the difference.

Luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Show up more often. The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Tom peters found that a key quality of the top executives in his study was a bias for action. “Their motto seamed to be “Ready, aim, fire.” Their attitude toward business was summarized in the words, “Do it, fix it, try it.” They realized that the future belongs to the action-oriented, to the risk takers.”

In my book, Wonders of Faith, I said that faith is like jumping from a twenty storey building and believing that before you reach the ground, somehow, something will appear to catch you! If you are not ready to leave the known, you can never gain access to the unknown.

Many people are stranded in life because they are too afraid to break out of their comfort zone. They are married to their past. Unfortunately, they have divorced their future. The choice is yours. If you want new doors of opportunities to open up, you must be brave enough to leave behind the past. Doing this has taken me to places I would never have been to in life.

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